Rose plant fertiliser for flowers to grow ‘amazingly’ – ‘easy’ and costs ‘nothing’ to make

Rose plant fertiliser for flowers to grow ‘amazingly’ – ‘easy’ and costs ‘nothing’ to make

To perform their best, rose need a continuous source of nutrients throughout the growing season. 

Healthy roses not only bloom better, but they are also better able to withstand and disease problems.

While there are many different kinds of fertilisers on the market, one enthusiast has shared a recipe for making fertiliser for roses at home, with the main ingredient being banana peels.

To make this fertiliser the claimed that only three items are needed – banana peels, water and a milk bottle (or any type of pouring container).

Taking to the Gardening UK Facebook page, Katie Butler wrote: “My first brewing of ‘banana tea’ has started. 

“Very easy to make using water and banana skins. As we eat bananas, I will chop up the skins and add them to the milk carton until it is full. 

“I will then start on another batch. This works amazingly to feed my roses and costs nothing to make as it is using things that I have already bought. 

“Once this bottle has been emptied after feeding the roses, I will put the used banana skins on my compost heap.”

Banana or banana peel water is liquid compost or “compost tea” made from cut peels. It contains many components plants need to stay healthy and continue growing. 

Feeding banana water to any green pets is a great way to use up any excess fruit before it goes rotten. 

Banana peels contain essential nutrients for plant growth, like magnesium, phosphorus, and calcium. 

Since banana water is a relatively new trend, there aren’t many scientific studies on its benefits, though many gardeners swear by this trick. 

Garden plants with banana peel water fertiliser once a week. As many plants require watering once a week, gardeners can use compost tea during each hydration session. 

However, if plants need a drink more often during hot weather, stick to only using banana water once a week. 

Taking to the comments section, it seems that group members were already aware of this hack and also think it to be “amazing”.

Claire Martin said: “I did this last year and my roses looked amazing, will definitely keep doing it.”

Jane Bennett wrote: “I use a jam jar to make my banana tea fertiliser. One banana skin chopped into inch pieces, put in a jar, and pour on boiling water. It’s ready to use when it’s cold. My roses love it.”

Lindsy Atkinson commented: “Yes me too! I constantly add cut-up banana skins to my rose soil.”

Other gardeners claim that it works to improve hydrangea blooms too. Hollie Knight said: “I used this on my hydrangeas last year and I’m certain it helped them to grow and really bloom.”

Kelly Barrow wrote: “I use this tea to water my hydrangeas with. They love it.”

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