Royal Family middle names have deep hidden meanings – but ‘Louis’ is most popular moniker

Royal Family middle names have deep hidden meanings – but ‘Louis’ is most popular moniker

Most members of the have exciting middle names, and nearly all of them have at least two middle names. However, the late Queen Elizabeth had a whopping three middle names, all with very sentimental meanings.

Queen Elizabeth Alexandra Mary was born in 1926 to King George VI and Queen Elizabeth, who became known as the Queen Mother.

The royal couple named the future Queen after her mother, Elizabeth, and her first middle name Alexandra was after Princess Alexandra of Denmark.

Alexandra went on to marry King Edward VI, and died of a heart attack the year before Queen Elizabeth was born, making it a sweet tribute to her late great-grandmother.

Queen Elizabeth’s second middle name was Mary, after her paternal grandmother Queen Mary.

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The current Prince of Wales, Prince William Arthur Philip Louis, also has three middle names like his late grandmother.

The name Arthur was reportedly chosen by King Charles III after the legendary King Arthur.

In addition, the name Philip was of course named after Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, William’s paternal grandfather.

Finally, William’s third middle name Louis was after Lord Mountbatten, who died in an IRA attack in 1979, just three years before William was born.


William’s first cousin, Princess Eugenie, only has two middle names, Victoria and Helena.

However, Princess Eugenie’s first name was so unusual in itself that the bookies across the country were so shocked when it was announced by Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson.

Eugenie was named after Victoria Eugenie of Battenburg, the daughter of Princess Beatrice, who herself was the youngest child of Queen Victoria.

Princess Eugenie’s first middle name, Victoria, is also after Queen Victoria, and the name Helena is after one of her daughters.

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The Duchess of York reportedly had a huge love for the Victorian era so named her children very Victorian names.

The future King, Prince George, was reportedly named after King George V who founded the House of Windsor and also George VI, the late Queen’s father.

Prince George, similarly to Eugenie, only has two middle names. The first, Alexander, is the male version of the Queen’s middle name Alexandra.

George’s second middle name, Louis, honours Prince William’s middle name as well as Lord Mountbatten.

In addition, Princess Charlotte Elizabeth Diana also has two middle names. The name Charlotte is the male version of King Charles, Elizabeth is after the late Queen, and Diana is after William’s late mother, Diana, Princess of Wales.

Kate Middleton’s third child, Prince Louis Arthur Charles was named so after Lord Mountbatten, King Arthur and King Charles III.

The Princess Royal, Princess Anne Elizabeth Alice Louise has three middle names, similar to the late Queen.

The name Elizabeth was a tribute to Queen Elizabeth II, Alice was after Prince Philip’s mother who was also Anne’s godmother, and finally, Louise was after Queen Mary who had Louise as a middle name.

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