SA to take in more repatriated Aussies

South Australia wants to take in more repatriated Australians by increasing its hotel quarantine capacity from 500 people per week to 800.

The state government has contacted the Commonwealth about its plan to lift its medi-hotel capacity in coming weeks.

The intake will be split into three different groups, with 600 places for international arrivals, 100 for domestic arrivals from high risk areas and 100 for community outbreaks.

In a statement, the government said the increased total would accommodate double the amount of returned travellers.

“South Australia is pleased to be able to assist with supporting more Australians to return home,” the statement read.

“We will continue to look at options to further increase our medi-hotel capacity.”

NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian recently told reporters she wanted to see more states “take their fair share” in accommodating returned travellers.

“NSW welcomes back more than 2500 people every week and we know the hotel quarantine system in NSW has managed well but we’re doing so much more than all the other states combined,” she said on Monday.

“At this stage of the pandemic I wouldn’t want to us to exceed that because we’re still getting quite a number of cases every day from hotel quarantine and we need to make sure that’s well managed.

“I’m sure other Aussies wouldn’t mind flying into Brisbane or Perth or even Adelaide and then getting a domestic flight to their homes.

“I say to the other states please ease the burden of Australians coming back. Please accept to raise your limits.”

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