Safest winter holiday destination is ‘worry-free’ and ‘pristine’ – full list | Travel News | Travel

Safest winter holiday destination is ‘worry-free’ and ‘pristine’ – full list | Travel News | Travel

Fred Olsen Cruise Lines looked at the safest winter destinations based on a number of important factors. They looked at healthcare, crime rates, pollution and more to find the safest destination.

The cruise line said: “Thanks to its glistening lakes, pristine forests and luminous skies, Finland is often ranked among the best destinations to visit when it comes to winter getaways.

“According to the study, it’s also one of the safest places to find adventure, scoring highly based on its healthcare facilities and low crime rates, allowing for worry-free travel.”

The violent crime rate in Finland is very low and tourists are unlikely to encounter any trouble.

Although storms and blizzards are possible, tourists are unlikely to see any major weather disasters.


Tourists will need to take extra care driving in Finland, particularly during the snowy winter months.

Finland has warning signs for moose and reindeer which can cross the road unexpectedly and could cause an accident.

If tourists spot one of the wildlife warning signs, they should adjust their speed and remain a safe distance from the car in front.

In the winter, cars must have special winter tires and tourists should pay particular attention to the roads.

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Denmark was ranked the second safest country for travellers. Fred Olsen Cruise Lines said: “Finding cosy-contentment is easy in the land of hygge and happiness.

“Denmark is a great destination for solo travellers and comes in second on the list of safest places to visit.

“The country is well-known for its top healthcare facilities and general cleanliness. Its welcoming, friendly nature also helps to make tourists feel at ease, especially if they are travelling alone.”

Austria, Switzerland and Norway rounded off the top safest destinations for solo travellers this winter.

Clare Ward, director of Product and Customer Service at Fred Olsen Cruise Lines, said: “It is great to see that solo travel is becoming increasingly popular.

“At Fred Olsen, we love exploring the world and showcasing the many fantastic destinations it has to offer, and we don’t want travelling alone to be a barrier to that.

“We will seat those travelling on their own with other like-minded travellers for dinner, allowing them to meet new people and form new friendships during their travels.

“The beauty of solo travel is that you can discover different corners of the world at your own pace and plan dream trips on your own terms, meeting new people along the way. We hope our destination research encourages more people to consider solo travel and everything it has to offer and helps to alleviate any concerns for those looking to explore on their own for the first time.”

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