Scotland’s most beautiful and ‘fairytale-like’ village is also its most haunted | Travel News | Travel

Scotland’s most beautiful and ‘fairytale-like’ village is also its most haunted | Travel News | Travel

Although summer is ending it is almost autumn, meaning it will soon be a time for Halloween, and what better way to celebrate the holiday season than visiting one of the most beautiful villages in the UK that is also rumoured to be haunted. 

Cawdor is a quiet village is located in the Scottish Highlands in Narin, Scotland, and is famous for being mentioned in Shakespeare’s tragic play Macbeth and for its 14th-century castle, which is said to be haunted by a ghost called the Blue Lady. 

This mysterious castle is said to have been founded around a massive holly tree which remains inside the castle to this day. According to legend, the Thane of Cawdor loaded a chest filled with gold onto a donkey let it roam the land, and built Cawdor Castle on the location it decided to rest, which happened to be the ancient tree. 

Cawdor Castle and the surrounding village have been described as one of the most beautiful locations in Scotland, with the castle derived as being the “prettiest castle in the Highlands.” 

In reviews, one visitor said it looked like something out of a storybook. They wrote: “The castle is fairytale-like with turrets, a drawbridge and twisting rooms and even a tree in the dungeon” while another review said the castle was “absolutely beautiful, with fully decorated rooms containing unique historic furnishings…feels like a home and not a museum.” 

Why visit Cawdor Castle?

The main attraction in Cawdor is the beautiful castle, which is surrounded by luscious green gardens that have many colourful and diverse wildflowers in the Flower Garden, making the caste grounds a beautiful place to walk around. 

Inside the castle are 11 maintained rooms which are said to be warm and inviting due to the extravagant tapestries, furnishings and portraits. Must-see areas are the Yellow Sitting Room, Pink bedroom and the dungeons, but there is also said to be a ghost in a blue velvet dress who is often spotted on the castle grounds who is often seen staring lovingly at a portrait in the drawing room. 

The castle grounds a gift shop, book shop, wool shop and cafe overlooking the Flower Garden, which serves home-baked cakes, soups and sandwiches from two located bakeries.  

What else is there to do in Cawdor? 

The small village of Cawdor is worth a visit itself as it is made up of beautiful medieval stone cottages and beautifully tended gardens, making it look like a picturesque postcard. 

The heart of the village is the Cawdor Tavern, which is both a bar and restaurant known to stock over 100 different types of single malt whiskies. It is perfect for anyone wishing for a cosy place to eat with its oak lounge bar, huge fireplace and Jacobean chandeliers.  

The village is also surrounded by the Cawdor’s Big Woods, which is the remnants of an ancient oakland and has also ten miles of nature trails for visitors to hike. There has also been a 9-hole golf course built nearby with covers 25 acres of beautiful parkland. 

Near the village are Culloden Battlefield and Fort George, some of the most important locations in Scotland’s history, as well as the Narin Museum and Narin Beach, where visitors can take part in the Phoenix Dolphin trips.

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