Scott Morrison reveals he likes listening to Indian Bollywood music on Spotify

The Prime Minister has made a revelation about his playlist preferences that has polarised people online.

Scott Morrison has made a revelation about some of his surprising music tastes.

The Prime Minister cooked up a chicken, eggplant and saag curry on his final night in quarantine at The Lodge in Canberra on Saturday following his recent trip to the US.

Mr Morrison’s love of Indian food is no secret. He often shares his “Saturday curry nights” by posting pictures of the prep and cooking process on Facebook and Instagram.

But on Saturday Mr Morrison revealed he was just as much a fan of Bollywood music as he was of Indian food.

“Here’s the link to the playlist I like to listen to when I’m cooking a curry,” he said on Facebook, linking a Spotify Bollywood playlist titled “Desi hits”.

The playlist hosts an array of diverse Bollywood hits, ranging from rappers Yohani and Badshah to pop from Arijit Singh.

Some responded positively to Mr Morrison’s dabble in Indian culture.

“Listening to ‘Desi Hits’ while cookin’ up a sick curry for Jen and the kids. Be rude not to!” one poster said.

“Go ScoMo! Bet you make the meanest curry, I’d love to try it someway,” said another.

But others were quick to point out the unfairness of Mr Morrison’s cheerful lockdown BBQ, noting their own time in quarantine had been very different.

“Gee must being doing it tuff (sic) in quarantine,” one poster said.

“While you’re outdoors at the Lodge cooking up a barbecue, ordinary Australian citizens are locked up in a hotel room, eating packaged foods with no fresh air for 14 days straight!” another said.

Other’s also called out the PM for allegedly being tokenistic in his enjoyment of Indian culture.

“I love listening to turning Japanese while cooking rice,” one poster joked.

“Scott Morrison were you focus grouped in a lab or are you a legit person?” another said.

But Mr Morrison’s music tastes appear to span much wider than just Bollywood music.

On his public Spotify account “SJ Morrison, he has saved playlists with music ranging from jazz to classical to old school aussie rock.

Mr Morrison appears to be a particularly big fan of Christian rock, with the majority of his playlists dedicated to Hillsong worship hits and gospel songs.

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