Sean Raymond: Mentor, Public Figure & eCommerce Expert | Technology News

Sean Raymond: Mentor, Public Figure & eCommerce Expert | Technology News

Sean Raymond knows how to take advantage of a situation that looks discouraging and off-putting to most. When the COVID-19 pandemic hit the world, most people found themselves at a loss. Some made things worse by falling into bad habits and compromising their effectiveness.

Unlike others, Sean quickly saw a silver lining in the encroaching crisis. He saw opportunities where others saw limitations. Sean made up his mind to use all the free time at his disposal to make his dream come true—the dream of becoming a successful business expert who can help clients grow their businesses to 7-figures.

Since then, Sean’s marketing business Goodlife Agency has become a top performer in the eCommerce industry, continually providing profitable marketing for its clients. What is his recipe for success? What strategies does Sean want to share with us? So, let’s dive into it.

Always Stay Alert

Growing up, Sean says he had a great example to follow in his older brother, who was always very active in the community, excelling in sports and education throughout his youth and eventually joining the US Coast Guard Academy. As younger siblings do, Sean always wanted to do just as good, or better, than his older brother. Since the bar was so high, he says, he took it upon himself to work hard and improve, eventually developing his self-motivation and drive that he credits to his success as an entrepreneur.

It took Sean lots of effort to learn & understand the market online and the many different ways things work in e-commerce. While learning business, he says he learned from books, videos, podcasts, expert interviews, and anyone else who was qualified and willing to teach him. This helped Sean learn a mix of strategies from all aspects of eCommerce, leading to the hyper-effective marketing at Goodlife Agency.

“You only fail when you stop trying,” says Sean, who is utterly committed to action, continuous and iterative learning, perseverance, and dedication to his goals. The word action is vital here, “No amount of thinking or planning will ever outperform an action,” shares the young businessman who, despite his 17 years, has already become a reputable e-commerce expert.

In this respect, his track record to date speaks for itself. Realizing how good he was at eCommerce & Facebook ads, Sean started attracting high-ticket clients. Sooner than he thought, he got his first client to 7-figures, and many more followed after that. Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) spiraled to 13 (1,300% ROI) per month. To this day, Sean maintains an impressive lifetime ROI of 871% and continues to scale his clients to 7-figure dominance. This young man knows his stuff.

Goodlife Agency: Haven For Success

As a responsible, customer-oriented entrepreneur, Sean has already established himself as an e-commerce expert who knows how to grow businesses online. Despite his age, he comes across as a seasoned business owner—Sean is the CEO of Goodlife Agency—who has already built substantial experience in e-commerce, social media advertising, and customer service. Sean has a three-pronged approach he recommends to any business owner looking to grow their brand online:

1. Build a team of professionals—you can’t go it alone.

2. Multiply revenue streams (including organic sales, paid ads, SMS & e-mail, social media organic sales, and more) to increase the revenue and diversify business assets.

3. Scale your paid ads—paid ads are the single best possible way to scale a brand doing anywhere from $10k-$50k to $150k-$300k+ per month.

“If you’re not using paid ads to scale your business, you’re doing it wrong,” says Sean.

Sean Raymond has become a real player in the e-commerce industry, who has already proven himself as an influential and instrumental online marketing expert who knows how to help his clients scale their businesses.

To start devising your recipe for success, you can speak with Sean about how to scale your brand by scheduling a free Discovery Call with his business, Goodlife Agency.

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