Serial Entrepreneur Wahid Badami is ready to launch his next venture and take a digital brand offline | Special News

Entrepreneur Wahid Badami started working at a very young age. Over time, what started as a small electronics retail store, has transformed into one of the biggest iPhone stores in the city, which serves customers all across the country.

Visit the store on a weekend and you wouldn’t be surprised to meet people coming from Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra and Karnataka, waiting in line to buy their favorite iPhone. The main reason being the trust and personal brand Mr Wahid has built over the past few years, leveraging the social media, and the Price and offers that they sell phones at.

When you ask him about the success of his store, he keeps his answers short, modest and humble.

He says “It’s the love and trust of the people that have gotten us here. Of course, we have worked hard, but people reciprocated our hard work and love with their trust. Once someone buys their phone from us, you can be sure that their next phone will be bought at Marvans only, and the phone after that, and the next one too.”

A new chapter in his entrepreneurial journey is about to start and he is very excited about it. One of the fastest-growing D2C brands online, DailyObjects, is working to launch its first physical store in the country and Mr Wahid is the man responsible for it.

Pankaj Garg, the founder of Dailyobjects observed that the main electronic products are easily available in the market but not its accessories in terms of the right quality and price, so he built a carefully crafted merchandise line, delightful & practical at once.

Mr Wahid resonated with the thoughts of Mr. Pankaj and reached out to him over social media.

A chance meeting, and aligned vision led to Mr. Wahid collaborating to open the first physical store of DailyObjects.

“DailyObjects has been a customer-centric brand offering daily use accessories which potentially has become an approach to self-expression and so, I believe that a human touch point can add value to business as well as accentuate customer experience.”

With the amalgam of high-quality standards of Daily Objects and the developed expertise and capabilities of Mr Wahid, this store is going to be a sure-shot hit.

You can follow the journey of Mr. Wahid on his social media handle @wahidmarvans2020. 

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