‘Simple step’ prevents algae, weeds and mould growing on patios

‘Simple step’ prevents algae, weeds and mould growing on patios

Algae, moss, mould, lichen and weeds can make garden patios and paving look especially unpleasant during the winter.

While people may not be spending much time in their gardens at this time of year, it can make gardens look unkempt which can be even more of a problem if your property is on the market.

Most gardeners will choose a power washer or a patio cleaner to tackle algae and moss, however, an expert has warned this may not be the best method.

Dr Jonathan Kirby, Roxil’s paving expert and a developmental chemist who has dedicated himself to helping protect UK housing stock through the development of new and innovative materials, has shared the best way to remove mould, weeds, algae and lichen from patios without using a pressure washer.

Dr Kirby said whether you’re cleaning a patio, driveway, stones or brick slabs, gardeners really need to plan and put thought into their cleaning regime.

He explained to Express.co.uk: “They will inevitably show some form of mould, algae, lichen or weed growth over the wet winter and spring months.

“And this can quickly make even the most meticulously installed patio or driveway look unkempt.

“A common patio cleaning method is to use a pressure washer – but put it down! They can produce impressive results, but frequent use can cause long-term problems such as surface erosion, damage weak points in the slab and destroy mortar joints.

“This leaves the surface more likely to suffer from biological and weed growth issues in the future.

“We’d recommend first pulling out larger weeds and then leaving a patio cleaner on the surface for 24 hours.

“Then, use a wet stiff brush to loosen any stubborn patches of mould, algae and dirt, before washing away the debris.

“To make your life easier in the future, you should waterproof the surface since weeds and biological growth need moisture to grow, and it’s a simple maintenance step.

“Using a patio weatherproofing cream creates a waterproof barrier without changing its appearance and by keeping it dry and helping to prevent growth.”

Patio cleaners can be bought online, from local garden centres or hardware stores.

Roxil Wood and Patio Cleaner costs £19.99 from B&Q, Patio Magic costs £10 from Amazon and Path, Patio and Deck cleaner costs £3.99 from The Range.

Some experts suggest using baking soda to remove moss from patios. Sprinkling it on and leaving it overnight should remove it completely.

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