Six male personalities: Are you alpha or beta?

Six male personalities: Are you alpha or beta?

There has been an upswing in the interest of personality types as of late, with more people recognising the Myers-Briggs test results in everyday conversations.

Moving away from Myers-Briggs, there are supposedly six male personality types ranging from alpha to sigma. While similar to the female personality types of the same name, there are some different attributes within the same category.


Preferring to be a lone wolf, a Sigma may boil over with jealousy if they enter into a committed relationship with a more extroverted partner. Appearing stoic, a Sigma actually feels very deeply so can find socialising an overwhelming experience.

A Sigma male is intelligent, unbothered by social status, and tends to enjoy solo activities.


An extrovert, an Alpha is confident, witty and charismatic, so they tend to be drawn to sales, recruitment, and social jobs. An Alpha is a great leader who can easily influence a team to buy into their ideas and is swift at making decisions.

Keen to encourage others to be their best selves, an Alpha makes a great gym buddy who can help motivate others to achieve their fitness goals.


Not as outgoing or assertive as an Alpha, a Beta seems more relaxed, but you should not cross them. A Beta can swiftly cut you out of their life as they do not tolerate unnecessary conflict and drama.

For those they hold dear, a Beta is loyal, understanding and a great friend who can not only be supportive, but can provide a laugh too. 


Feeling hard done by, a Delta is created through negative life experiences. A Delta has trust issues and so can find it very hard to open up on how they feel and what they are thinking.

If they don’t take responsibility for their lives, Deltas may spiral into a depression, but they can learn healthy coping skills if they seek out support. 


Adventurous, free-spirited and well-liked, a Gamma leads a happy, fulfilling life. They may not climb the corporate ladder, preferring the path off a beaten path.

Very self-aware and empathetic, Gammas are intentional about how they treat other people as they know their actions have consequences.


Fairly shy, an Omega prefers staying indoors with people they know or by themselves. Not fond of socialising too much, an Omega may not pick up on social cues when they are out and about in the real world.

Very interested in books, an Omega can get lost in imaginative worlds, which may include creating fantasy lives on the internet or investing in a long-running TV series.

Binge-watching TV, playing video games and scrolling the internet are great pasttimes for the Omega who likes to escape from reality.  

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