Six mid-career side hustles to pursue in 2023

Six mid-career side hustles to pursue in 2023

Midlife is a period of massive transition for a lot of people. In your late 30s or 40s, the chances are higher that you might be contemplating a career switch, looking for ways to increase your income, planning to acquire new skills, or simply thinking about finally pursuing your dreams and passions. However, just the thought of experiencing a transitional shift often intimidates a lot of midlifers. The answer in many cases, is not a drastic shift, but a side hustle.

Unlike a part-time job, a side hustle is something you truly enjoy doing and it has the potential to grow into a successful career later in life. While side hustles have often been associated with the youth, experts say that midlife individuals need to engage more in them. However, before taking up an assignment as a side hustle, remember that the idea here is not just to make money but do something that can give you a sense of fulfillment. So, pick a hustle that won’t exhaust you, but rather will empower you.

Here we have a list of the 6 side hustles that midlifers can choose to embark on an enriching journey.1) Freelancing – One of the most flexible ways to make extra money while fully utilising your skills is to work as a freelancer. Doesn’t matter what age you are , working as a freelancer allows you to be your own boss and even expand your capabilities, without putting your 9-to-5 career in jeopardy. You can work as a freelance writer, graphic designer, web developer, editor, social media manager, or use any other skill that you have expertise in.
Nowadays, there are many online platforms like Fiverr,, Truelancer, Guru and RockerStop that hire freelancers for a wide range of projects. By working for these sites, you not only get to make some money but also get the opportunity to build your personal brand.

2)Online or in-person teaching If you are passionate about sharing your knowledge and educating others, then tutoring or teaching students can be a rewarding side hustle. These days, there are numerous edtech platforms that hire subject matter experts at decent pay. In addition, you get to select the hours that suit you the best – you can pick evening or night tutoring sessions on weekdays or you can take day sessions over the weekends.

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In case you wish to follow the conventional way, you can take up in-person classes and teach from your home or visit the student’s location. However, do assess the market rates for your expertise level before deciding the fee for your teaching services.3) Personal fitness training – For those who are dedicated to the area of fitness and health, becoming personal trainers to help others in achieving their fitness goals seems like a great side hustle. You will be using your skills and knowledge to offer them customised workout regimes and dietary plans. However, people do not take matters of fitness and health lightly. So they prefer hiring certified professionals. Therefore, it is recommended to first enrol in a short-term course to refine your own skills and specialise in various aspects of fitness.You can either work from the comfort of your home and provide online workout sessions, or you can work for reputed healthcare centers, corporate setups or gyms in your vicinity.

4) Social media influencingAnother side hustle that has become widely popular among midlifers is social media influencing. The pandemic amplified the scope of this field by generating a new wave of influencers and bloggers. Probably why every other individual these days is either a full-time influencer or is capitalising on the influencer market as a side hustler to generate additional income. This also implies that you have tough competition. So, you need to make yourself stand out.

This is truly a fun and highly creative option for those who love interacting with others and sharing their experiences. You have to choose your niche (beauty, food, fashion, travel, etc) and generate content in that field regularly. The focus should be on producing relatable and reachable content. For instance, many influencers build their following by simply sharing reels like “A day in their life as a writer, influencer, blogger, or marketer”.

5) Delivery agent – Operating as a delivery agent is currently the most sought-after side hustle. Especially with an increase in platforms like Zomato, Ubereats, Swiggy, Blinkit and Zepto, there is a huge demand for individuals who can operate as reliable delivery agents. In addition, many food and grocery delivery apps are taking special measures to employ more women as dependable delivery partners.

Besides the normal pay, you can also receive tips from satisfied customers, which allows you to enhance your savings. Just remember that you must own a vehicle and have a clean driving record.

6) Dog walking and dog boarding – For animal lovers, dog walking and boarding are the most in-demand side hustles. As a dog walker, you will be required to regularly take dogs for walks, preferably twice a day. This job also offers a flexible schedule to those who otherwise have fixed work hours. On the other hand, dog boarding requires you to provide overnight care services to dogs. This can work well only if you have a spacious place where you can provide a homely and playful environment to dogs.

For this profile, you can let people know about your interest through word-of-mouth and by posting about it on social media. You can also advertise your services on the various dog-care apps.

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