Smart Money, smart investment: Raheja Developer’s Republic Day Special – ‘Special 26 Extravaganza’ for Delhi Mall Investments

Smart Money, smart investment: Raheja Developer’s Republic Day Special – ‘Special 26 Extravaganza’ for Delhi Mall Investments

Real estate is a staple, reliable avenue for securing wealth to pursue a prosperous lifestyle. Unlike other sources of income, real estate investments offer enduring benefits for you and your family. The key to a successful venture lies in selecting the right location, a factor that significantly influences the value and appreciation of any property. For wise investors, the central-west region of Delhi, near Pusa Road in Patel Nagar, is one such prime location, hosting the strategically situated Delhi Mall.

What better opportunity than Raheja Developer’s ‘Special 26 Extravaganza’ to embark on your investor journey? This exclusive opportunity promises significant savings and positions investors strategically for long-term financial growth.

Seize the golden opportunities with 'Special 26 Extravaganza'ET Spotlight

Seize the golden opportunities with ‘Special 26 Extravaganza’
The Republic Day presents a golden opportunity for potential investors in Delhi Mall, offering exclusive benefits such as:

iPhone 15 Pro with every booking: Be at the forefront of technology trends with a complimentary iPhone 15 Pro upon booking with The Delhi Mall.
Rs. 26,000/- PSF inaugural discount: Secure a sweet deal with a substantial discount, adding significant value to your investment.Exclusive ‘Prestige 26’ offers on lockable shops: Limited slots with lockable shops are up for grabs, providing a unique investment opportunity.26% returns: Your investment transcends financial commitment, promising unparalleled gains with a 26% return this Republic Day, through the bank’s Systematic Withdrawal Plan (SWP) plan.26+10 Months Lease Guarantee: Experience peace of mind with an exclusive 26+10 Months Lease Guarantee, a testament to the developer’s commitment to your investment security through the bank’s SWP plan.

26 Months Maintenance-Free*: Enjoy worry-free ownership with an unbelievable 26 Months Maintenance-Free* benefit.

Avail flexible payment plans: Recognising the diverse needs of investors, The Delhi Mall’s payment plan offers flexibility:

Just 26% Booking Amount: Initiate your investment journey with a modest 26% booking amount.

Additional 24% within 60 days: Elevate your investment game with the flexibility to pay an additional 24% within 60 days.

Strategic location for smart investments
Situated within the prestigious Leela Sky Villas development, The Delhi Mall holds a prime location within the NCR. Proximity to landmarks such as Rashtrapati Bhavan, Connaught Place, India Gate, Chanakyapuri, and Karol Bagh, along with accessibility to prominent residential areas with a catchment of 2.5 lakh families, makes it an enticing destination for shopping, entertainment, and investment opportunities.

Investors who buy space in The Delhi Mall will benefit from receiving returns/income from the day of booking through the bank’s systematic withdrawal plan. As a result, they will not rely on the developer to receive returns, ensuring a highly secure investment. The portfolio manager overseeing the SWP at the bank will diligently maintain the security and regularity of returns in your account, ensuring monthly payments as per the agreed terms. This arrangement enables an immediate generation of income. The minimum investment required for this opportunity begins at Rs. 50 lakhs (virtual space) and can go up to Rs. 15 crore (lockable space).

When you reserve space in The Delhi Mall, you benefit from the advantage of dual income sources. As highlighted by the esteemed Raheja Group, one can anticipate approximately 24% returns on virtual space through the bank’s Systematic Withdrawal Plan (SWP). This return is distributed over two years before possession, averaging 12% per annum. Additionally, investors can enjoy an extra 36% returns (averaging 9% per annum) for four years after possession, all securely managed through the bank’s SWP. The “Prestige 26’ offers are only valid for lockable space and not for virtual space.

Apart from these benefits mentioned above, investors will also get actual rental income from renowned brands through professional or multinational Income-Producing Contracts (IPCs) based on the earnings generated by their commercial real estate assets. It is worth noting that rental rates in Delhi’s commercial malls are significantly higher compared to those in Noida and Gurugram. With construction already in progress, potential investors can look forward to guaranteed returns right from the very first day of their bookings, and that’s how they can double their income.

Seize this golden opportunity! This Republic Day, invest in Delhi Mall with Raheja Developer’s ‘Special 26 Extravaganza,’ securing exclusive offers and paving the way for future financial growth. For more detailed information, kindly visit

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