Sodium bicarbonate oven cleaning hack hailed ‘game changer’ by mum

Sodium bicarbonate oven cleaning hack hailed ‘game changer’ by mum

Claire, who doesn’t wish to use her surname, could never get the glass on her despite trying multiple tips, remedies and homemade products. But a friend recommended the mother of four use a powder, which is natural and contains no harsh chemicals.

Claire, 36 and from Kingston-upon-Thames, southwest London, said: “I had never been able to get my oven glass clean. Basically, cleaning the oven was a job we dreaded in this house.

“I had always believed I needed harsh chemicals to clean my kitchen effectively, but over the past few years I’ve been learning that there are safe plant-based cleaners which are safe for me and my family to use, and just as effective.

“It is now really easy.”

Claire, whose children’s ages range from five to ten, tried a scrub powder, which blends essential oils, minerals and other natural substances, and has been “blown away” with the results.

She’s used Young Living’s Thieves Kitchen and Bath Scrub in the four months since and researched extensively the qualities of each of its ingredients.

“It has been a game changer. It’s a completely natural product that really does a good job,” Claire said.

“It is abrasive so it does the job. I was blown away. It looks like a new oven sometimes afterwards.

“I no longer worry about the job and about cooking and then having to scrub away for ages afterwards.”

The nepheline syenite, a mineral obtained responsibly from mined sources in Ontario, Canada, gives the powder tough scrubbing power.  

The powder is sprinkled onto a wet surface or sponge, spread across the surface and then rinsed.

Claire, also a primary school teacher, continued: “It also works on bathroom sinks and bathtubs.

“People try to make their own solutions and I understand people are on tight budgets, but sometimes these don’t work. They aren’t powerful enough.

“It has a big appeal to families, particularly because other products with harsh chemicals can be potentially harmful.”

More information about the product can be found here.

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