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Stephen Peacocke follows same morning fitness routine since high school

How many push-ups do you need to do to sport a physique like Stephen Peacocke, the Aussie actor who has shown off a chiselled physique everywhere from Summer Bay to Hollywood blockbusters?

That’s easy — about 1.6 million. But don’t worry, you don’t need to do them all at once.

Peacocke tells Health Hacker he’s been following the same fitness routine since he was in high school, breaking down his exercise into a bite-sized 20-minute session he knocks out every morning, no matter what time his work day starts.

“Ever since I was in year 10 at school, my morning routine has been the same,” he says.

“I get out of bed and do four sets of 50 push-ups and three sets of 50 sit-ups.”

And yes, if you’re doing the math, that’s a lot of push-ups. But over the past few years Peacocke says he’s found ways to change it up a bit.

“In the past five years I’ve subbed out one set of push-ups for a few TRX exercises I do from a door or a tree, depending where I am,” he says.

“When I’m on set, I’m usually due in at work around 6am. I find that this little 20-minute routine completely wakes me up and gets me ready.”

There is so much to like about Peacocke’s fitness philosophy, with the Five Bedrooms star ticking plenty of my must-tick boxes.

For one, he’s got an unbreakable routine in which training never takes a back seat when life gets busy.

But more important, 20 minutes of high-intensity training per day is not only manageable from a scheduling point of view, but it’s also — and Peacocke is the proof here — more than enough to be effective.

Better still, a beach-ready body is just one of the perks.

“Exercise is absolutely fundamental to me feeling good mentally,” Peacocke says.

“If I don’t exercise in the morning I feel like I’m out of whack all day.”

Stephen Peacocke on …

The best advice he’s ever received

“Where there’s a will there’s a way. My dad has always said that one. He also got me, my brother and sister to learn the poem If by Rudyard Kipling when we were in high school. That poem covers just about everything.”

The power of nature

“I churn out at least one long walk every week, and that’s as close to meditation as I get. I normally head to a National Park or walk fire trails, so it’s just a lot of fresh air, trees, the odd good view, a lot of daydreaming and, if I’m working, learning my lines.”

Age-based fitness

“I’ve incorporated more walking over the past 10 or so years, just to give my knees a break. But I find the only way I can get the same kick I used to get from a hard 50-minute run is a solid six-hour walk.”


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