Strictly’s Will Mellor shares ‘big holiday’ plans for after show finishes – exclusive | Travel News | Travel

Strictly’s Will Mellor shares ‘big holiday’ plans for after show finishes – exclusive | Travel News | Travel

Will Mellor has impressed the public and the judges with his moves on Strictly. But where does the actor and singer head for holidays on his time off?

A family man, Will told “We go on different holidays every year. I think it’s so important to have time with your family.

“When you’re at home, the day-to-day routine of life takes over so you can’t spend quality time with your kids.”

Will loves to explore new destinations and tries to visit different places with his family during the holidays.

He said: “We go to the Canaries in the winter months because we know the weather’s going to be decent.”

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Strictly Come Dancing has a demanding schedule and Will won’t get the chance for a holiday while the show is filming.

However, Will said: “We’re going to the Caribbean in April next year because we’ve been trying to get out to see my wife’s parents who live in Grenada.”

It was a difficult pandemic for the family as they were unable to see Will’s wife, Michelle McSween’s parents due to restrictions.

“We’ve been trying to go there for three years but Covid stopped us from going so that’s our big holiday in April,” Will said.


He added: “It’s my birthday as well. So we’re going to be in the Caribbean having some quality family time and I cannot wait.”

Research from James Villa Holidays found that a quarter of children under 11 have already been to two continents.

Almost 70 percent of parents said that their children were more well travelled than them at the same age.

Will agreed saying: “When I was a kid, my holidays would be caravans. Skegness, that kind of thing.

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Will loves to stay in a villa for his holidays so he can “feel like he lives there”. He said: “I like to pretend it’s my house for a week.

“And I like to get the shopping and that saves you money rather than hotels where you’ve got to keep the kids away from the minibar!”

Although Will’s next big holiday is Grenada, he joked that people “might see a picture of me on a beach somewhere next week” if he gets voted out of Strictly.

He said: “If I can make it to the final which would be unbelievable, I’ll probably have a Christmas break at home.”

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