Struggling With Sleeplessness? Try These Five Home Remedies For Insomnia

It is necessary to have a complete night’s sleep along with a good diet for a healthy mind and body. Some people feel sleepy as soon as they hit the bed, however, many others remain restless and experience insomnia. This common sleep disorder can make it difficult for people to fall asleep and thus they remain tired throughout the day.

Mostly insomnia is a result of a poor lifestyle and stress and if it occurs for a long period, it can aggravate and lead to depression, anxiety and stress in the individual. If you too are experiencing short-term insomnia and do not want to take medications for it, you can try these home remedies for insomnia.

  1. Meditation: Before going to bed you should meditate in order to fight sleep disorder. To meditate you have to sit quietly with your eyes closed and focus your attention on your breathing. Observe your thoughts, feelings and sensations as they rise and gradually pass. It is said meditating regularly reduces stress, improves concentration and boosts immunity. You will also be able to better control your emotions.
  2. Milk: Include a glass of warm milk for your dinner. Milk has tryptophan and serotonin in it which helps in getting a peaceful sleep. Milk is also rich in calcium that relieves stress.
  3. Cherries: If you are lactose intolerant or do not want to consume dairy products, you can alternatively eat a handful of cherries at night or drink a glass of cherry juice. According to experts, cherries contain a good amount of melatonin that helps to regulate the internal cycle of the body and thus helps in getting good sleep.
  4. Chant Mantras: Chanting any mantra for some minutes can help focus and calm your mind. You can also play music with chanting. It will produce a feeling of relaxation.
  5. Massage: A study conducted in 2015 found that massage therapy has a number of benefits, including improving sleep quality; reducing pain, anxiety and depression. It’s not important to splurge on professional massages every time. You can also give yourself a massage or ask your partner to give it to you. While getting a massage, try to focus on the feelings and sensations of touch.

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Author: Shirley