Subway: TikTok video undermines chain’s ‘Eat Fresh’ claims

An employee has shocked fast food lovers after claiming popular Subway fillings are not as fresh as you might expect despite its “Eat Fresh” slogan.

Ever wondered what process meaty ingredients go through before being slathered on your bun of choice at Subway?

One employee has claimed she has lifted the lid on how some of the chain’s signature fillings are prepared before being put on display, and many agree it’s not exactly what they expected.

The employee, who works at a branch in California, shared videos detailing the preparation of the chicken, tuna, steak, eggs and tuna at her store in a series of TikTok videos, calling into question the restaurant’s “Eat Fresh” tagline.

The TikTok user’s account related to Subway in the US. asked Subway Australia to confirm if what was shown in the videos was an accurate portrayal of practices in the US or Australia. The company did not respond by deadline.

The employee’s first video showed her preparing teriyaki chicken strips by pouring half a bag of sauce over dry, pre-cut chicken – a mixture she said smelled like a “musty oil change”.

The next – and her most-viewed – video was of how she prepared the tuna before it was served.

She emptied a 1.2kg bag of tuna, water and salt into a large bowl before adding half a bag of mayonnaise and squelching the two together with her hands.

“It smells horrible, like god awful. Way worse than the regular canned tuna at your house, it’s f***ing disgusting. The whole store smells like it,” she said.

The mixture went straight to the display counter to be served after being combined, she added.

Next was the steak, which she said arrived frozen in a plastic bag which was emptied into a storage tub and left to defrost before being crumbled by hand into small chunks.

“It kind of looks really gross,” she said.

The meatballs also arrived frozen and were defrosted in the microwave after being covered in marinara sauce. They then were taken straight to the front to be served.

Surprisingly the eggs were also delivered already cooked, peppered and frozen into discs.

They then were left to sit in a tub until they were thawed enough to be served.

Another video showed how the rotisserie chicken came in a plastic bag, drowning in oil and “juices” which had to be poured down the sink.

“After we drain it, we just dump it into the cambro (container) and I break it up with tongs because I hate the feeling of it, and then we serve it,” she said.

The veggie patties were delivered frozen and put straight into a tub to be served once they were thawed.

“I’ve never tried one and probably will never, so yeah,” the woman said.

Thousands expressed their shock in comments to her videos, many concerned she would be fired if her management found out about her account.

The woman clarified that her boss was one of her biggest fans and had no problem with her videos.

While many said the videos had turned them off having certain things at Subway, several others weren’t the least bit surprised by what they saw.

“You’re making me not what to eat Subway ever again,” one person wrote in a comment.

“I thought it was all fresh,” someone else said.

Someone else addressed the naysayers, asking: “What did you all expect with fast food places?”

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Author: Shirley