Suitcase packing hack: Board flight quicker with simple tips – ‘always carry’ one item | Travel News | Travel

Suitcase packing hack: Board flight quicker with simple tips – ‘always carry’ one item | Travel News | Travel

Britons are still reporting cases of long queues and disruptions at UK airports, but this is mainly at the bag check-in points. For those with only one carry-on bag, the experience is relatively smooth.

Therefore, to avoid queues and board the plane without any hassle, it is worth trying to pack everything into one carry-on bag.

Lee Thompson, co-founder of luxury travel company Flash Pack, shared his top tips on how to pack lighter with

The business founder has travelled to over 100 countries and so knows a thing or two about the art of packing.

First thing’s first: what kind of bag is best to take on a plane with you?

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Lee said: “Try to avoid carrying carry-on luggage that has wheels.

“Very often on packed flights, airlines look for luggage to load on the hold of the aircraft and bags with wheels are the number one target.

“Even if your bag is heavy, shoulder bags always go unnoticed.”

Lee went on to say the “number one item” he can’t travel without is his camera, and so he always carries it around his neck and “fill my coat pockets full of lenses”.


“It’s really easy to use the hotel laundry service and still way cheaper than paying for extra luggage.”

Rolling your clothes before putting them in your bag also helps.

“Ranger Rolling, or Army rolling as it’s called, is where you fold the bottom of your clothes a couple of inches inside-out so it creates a type of pocket along one side of the clothing.

“Then you can take the opposite end and roll it tightly until you get to the pocket you’ve created.”

For a speedy airport experience, Lee said it is worth trying to “board the aircraft first and always sit at the front”.

“If you’ve made the effort to take carry-on luggage then you should reap the rewards by guaranteeing an overhead locker and getting off the plane first, beating any passport queues and getting to your destination before anyone else,” he explained.

Lastly, one of Lee’s most simple hacks was to “always carry a plastic bag with you”.

“You can put all your extra items in it,” he revealed.

“No matter how full, a plastic bag never fails to work as a second bag – even if you are only allowed one.”

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