Swiss mountain for sale for just $235K on eBay

It’s a sky-high sale.

A scenic “tabletop” mountain in Switzerland is on the market for a rock-bottom price on eBay.

The Zirkelstein, the smallest table hill of Saxon Switzerland, a renowned hiking and climbing area near the Elbe Valley, was originally listed for $1.2 million in 2006, but is now down to $235,000.

The eBay offer is online under the title: “Unique/ Your own mountain in Saxon Switzerland,” according to CBS News.

The property is about 20 acres and the ad states “despite its small size and scope, its characteristic shape makes it one of the most striking rock formations in the Elbe Sandstone Mountains.”

The mountain is famed for being painted into the background of Caspar David Friedrich’s 1818 masterpiece “Wanderer above the Sea of Fog.”

The new owner of the mountain won't be allowed to put a fence on the property.
The new owner of the mountain won’t be allowed to put a fence on the property.
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“Due to age-related reasons, the owners can no longer manage the forest and are therefore selling the property. For me, it is the first time to see a mountain being sold,” sales manager Andre Marschner, told CBS.

However, the owner will have to be lenient with others as the mountain is crisscrossed with public pathways.

Renke Coordes, from the state forest management enterprise Sachsenforst, told the news organization that according to law, “putting a fence is not an option. However, the owner is the only one allowed to drive a car in the area.”

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