Man who stabbed stepbrother detained for seven years

A mentally ill South Australian man who attacked his sleeping stepbrother, stabbing him repeatedly, will remain in a mental facility for the next seven years.

Wani Philip Samson Lado, 23, had undiagnosed paranoid schizophrenia when he attacked his sibling, stabbing him in the chest, hand and eye in the early hours of April 17, 2019.

Mr Lado was found not guilty of attempted murder because of mental incompetence in November last year.

Lado fronted the Adelaide Supreme Court on Friday via video link as Justice Kevin Nicholson handed down the seven year and eight day limiting term.

The limiting period of Lado’s detention is the equivalent length to the time he would have spent in prison for the offence.

He has already spent about two years in mental health facility James Nash House.

It was previously heard the Sudanese man associated the hairstyles of rappers with killing.

In an appearance earlier last month, the court heard Mr Lado grabbed a knife from the kitchen about 4.30am and started to strangle the sleeping teenage relative.

He then held the knife to his throat and stabbed him.

After hearing screams for help, Mr Lado’s mother and stepfather ran into the room and pulled him away from the victim.

In March, Mr Lado’s lawyer said her client wanted to tell the court he was “sorry” and was willing to undergo treatment set out by the psychiatrist.

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Why NSW Police never interviewed Christian Porter

NSW Police have revealed why they never interviewed former Attorney-General Christian Porter over a 1988 rape allegation and confirmed the alleged victim tried to deliver a statement via Skype during the coronavirus lockdowns.

Outlining new information about how the case was handled, police have confirmed the woman who accused Mr Porter of rape asked to deliver her witness statement via Skype during the COVID-19 pandemic – a request the NSW Police resisted and her friends and family were never interviewed after her death.

The woman ultimately decided to withdraw her complaint after COVID delayed the meeting with detectives and died by suicide at home just 24 hours later.

Mr Porter strenuously denies the allegations that relate to a 1988 debating conference in Sydney. He has launched defamation action against the ABC over the reporting of an anonymous letter sent to the Prime Minister setting out allegations against a member of Cabinet.

He subsequently self-identified himself as the target of the allegations.

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It was the woman’s decision to withdraw the complaint that resulted in police not interviewing Mr Porter after her death, according to NSW Police.

“It is current standard practice that once a signed victim statement has been obtained from a victim and further corroborative enquiries are made, the formal allegation can and should be put to the person of interest as per procedural fairness principles for investigators,” NSW Police said.

“On June 23, 2020 the (alleged) victim clearly communicated to investigators that she no longer felt able to proceed with the report. The NSWPF did not have a signed statement from the (alleged) victim, hence no formal allegation to put to the person of interest. In keeping with the (alleged) victim’s wishes no further investigation took place and the person of interest was not interviewed.”

NSW Police established Strike Force Wyndarra in February 2020 after receiving information from Mr Porter’s accuser.

Detectives from Strike Force Wyndarra were due to travel to Adelaide to take the woman’s formal statement in March 2020 but their trip was postponed after the COVID-19 outbreak.

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On Wednesday June 24, 2020, the woman’s body was located at a home at Adelaide by South Australia Police. She had committed suicide just hours after telling police she did not want to proceed with a formal complaint.

In answers to questions on notice, NSW Police confirmed the complainant did ask to provide a formal statement over the telephone or via video.

“Yes. On April 1, 2020, the (alleged) victim requested that she commence her statement by way of Skype,” the response states.

“Investigators consulted with the (alleged) victim on April 2, 2020 by way of teleconference. Options were presented to the (alleged) victim in relation to obtaining her statement. A joint decision by all parties was made not to conduct the interview remotely. There were a number of reasons which led to this decision. The (alleged) victim was understanding and supportive of this decision.”

NSW Police also confirmed they made six telephone calls to the woman which were not answered.

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The alleged victim also made two telephone calls to investigators which were not answered. On both occasions the woman’s missed calls were returned within seven minutes and five hours and 26 minutes respectively.

NSW Greens MLC David Shoebridge said the responses from NSW Police demanded further explanation.

“These answers raise yet more questions about the response of the NSW Police,” he said.

“When you speak to experienced investigators who have dealt with historical allegations they will tell you it’s not perfect but sometimes it’s the only option to take a statement by phone or video link.

“What is very distressing here is that this was an option that was requested by the complainant and open to police but for whatever reason was taken off the table.”

The answers provided also detail the Australian Federal Police decision to brief the NSW Police on the letter outlining the allegations rather than send it to investigators in full.

The letter requested urgent action be taken by the Prime Minister to investigate the 1988 alleged rape.

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It urged the Prime Minister to set up an independent parliamentary investigation into the matter, similar to that commissioned by the High Court into allegations against former Justice, Dyson Heydon.

“When news of [the complainant’s alleged] rape becomes widely known to the public (as it most likely will), legitimate questions will be asked as to who knew what, when they knew and what they did,” the letter states.

“This is occurring today in relation to Brittany Higgins. The loss of respect for our political institutions will be exacerbated.

“There will be considerable damage to community perceptions of justice … and the parliament when this story becomes public if it is simultaneously revealed that senior people (like yourselves) were aware of the accusation but had done nothing.

“Failing to take parliamentary action because the NSW Police cannot take criminal action would seem like wilful blindness.”

The South Australia Coroner is yet to determine whether to conduct a public inquest into the woman’s death.

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Man with mutant strain admitted to ICU at Royal Adelaide Hospital

A patient infected with a mutant strain of COVID-19 who was hospitalised in Adelaide is now in a critical condition, health authorities have confirmed.

The man, in his 40s, is one of 12 people in South Australia with COVID-19, all of whom acquired the virus overseas.

SA Health moved the man, who has the South African variant of the virus, from a dedicated quarantine hotel for positive cases to the intensive care unit at the Royal Adelaide Hospital.

SA Health confirmed to NCA NewsWire the man’s condition had been upgraded from serious but stable to critical.

It comes a day after SA acting chief public health officer Michael Cusack said the man had the South African variant, which contains a mutation which appears to make it more contagious.

“One person was taken from Tom’s Court (medi-hotel) to the Royal Adelaide Hospital this morning because they were unwell and are currently being assessed there,” Dr Cusack said on Saturday.

“This is a male in his 40s we believe has the South African variant.

“Clearly if someone is deemed unwell enough that they have to go to hospital, we have concerns for their welfare, but obviously they are in the right place.”

More to come.

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Collins Class full cycle docking decision yet to be made

Scott Morrison is no closer to making a decision about a lucrative submarine contract, 16 months overdue, leaving hundreds of shipyard workers in limbo.

The Prime Minister acknowledged the “great capability” of the South Australian workforce, which has been desperately seeking assurances their jobs won’t be shifted to Western Australia, during a visit to Adelaide on Wednesday.

But Mr Morrison said a decision about where future Collins Class submarine maintenance would take place was yet to be made.

“That matter is not one that needs to be addressed at this point,” he said.

“There are still many years before we are in that position, and there are a series of other issues we are dealing with across the procurements, where I am focusing my attention right now.”

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The government’s top secret national security committee was expected to announce where full cycle docking for the ageing Collins Class submarine fleet would be based in December 2019.

Shipbuilder ASC had even drafted press releases about the decision, which was instead put on ice.

SA federal politicians and Defence industry experts this week revealed hopes that Peter Dutton’s appointment to the Defence portfolio would speed up the decision.

Although many believe the longer the wait, the better the chance SA will retain the lucrative contract supporting 700 jobs.

Despite the ongoing uncertainty, Mr Morrison had a message for the workers at Osborne: “Keep working.”

“They are doing a great job,” he said.

“What has been achieved here with the Collins Class full cycle docking has been extraordinary.

“They have demonstrated a great capability. It is one that I take very seriously and acknowledge.”

Experts speculated the delay was due to the political toxicity of the decision, with both SA and WA lobbying the government to secure the work.

In February 2020, Mr Morrison said he wouldn’t “rush” the important decision, adding it would be made in the national interest.

Insiders have criticised former defence minister and WA senator Linda Reynolds for being “too close” to the Defence department and unable to push them on capability issues.

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Australia misses four million March vaccine target

The Morrison government has come nowhere near meeting its aim to vaccinate four million people by the end of March.

Just over 13 per cent of that target, or half a million COVID-19 vaccine doses, has been administered as of March 28.

Health authorities on Tuesday celebrated the record number of 55,950 vaccines put into arms around Australia in one day.

But this falls well short of the government’s target, spruiked by Prime Minister Scott Morrison in early January.

“We hope by the … end of March, I should say, to have reached some four million population,” Mr Morrison said.

“That is a target. That is what we are working to.”

Come January 25, the goalposts started to shift when issues around international vaccine shipments became apparent.

“The events of recent weeks, I think, will mean that four million position will be something that is going to be achieved in early April, as opposed to late March,” Mr Morrison said.

“That is the reality of dealing with international arrangements.”

Speaking in Adelaide on Wednesday, Mr Morrison said more than 650,000 vaccines had been delivered.

“I expect by next week we will be into the million,” he said.

“The target to get everybody with their first dose by the end of October, that is on track.”

However, the tables have now turned on the states and territories after new allocation figures revealed that less than two-thirds of the vaccines received have been administered.

Western Australia has administered 62 per cent of the vaccines allocated to it, leading the other states and territories.

South Australia lags furthest behind at just 35 per cent.

Queensland, parts of which are in a three-day lockdown, has been forced to defend its vaccine rollout.

At least five people who attended a hen’s party at Byron Bay have tested positive for the UK strain after an unvaccinated nurse and her sister contracted COVID-19 from a patient.

Emergency Management Minister David Littleproud on Wednesday lashed his Queensland state counterparts, saying they “need to pull their finger out”.

“The fact is they have left these in the rack when they could have put these things in people’s arm,” Mr Littleproud told Today.

“If we need to surge resources in to support them we have said that from the start.

“We are going to help the states. But they have to admit they have a problem because they have done three-fifths of bugger all, and they are holding this nation back.”

But Mr Morrison said he was not making “any criticism” of the states.

“It’s a big job, we are all doing it,” he said.

But Labor leader Anthony Albanese said the government had failed to reach their target of four million people.

“Scott Morrison is always strong on announcement and always weak on delivery,” Mr Albanese told ABC AM.

“He was very confident and then the rhetoric changed halfway through March, whereby we were no longer in a hurry to achieve a rollout of the vaccine.”

Australian Medical Association vice-president Chris Moy said the issue was whether states rolled the vaccines out fast enough and whether they prioritised the staff that were dealing with COVID-positive patients.

Dr Moy told the ABC that CSL was “quite good” at making the vaccine but had problems getting them “into the bottles” and getting it out to GPs.

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Petrol prices in Sydney expected to start rising after Easter long weekend: NRMA

Sydneysiders should fill up their tank before the long weekend is over, while drivers in some other states would be wiser to wait, the NRMA says.

The advice comes as Easter draws near and the cycle of petrol prices in Sydney approaches its lowest point.

“There are still a few cents that will come off the average price, but then prices will jump,” NRMA spokesman Peter Khoury said.

“If you do wait, don’t wait too long.”

He also warned Sydney motorists to make sure they’re getting the cheapest fuel available, as prices can vary by as much as 50 cents per litre depending on the gas station.

The lowest figure before Sydney prices start rising again is expected to be 128 cents per litre.

Sydney is among the five state capitals where petrol prices go up and down in cycles. It’s an arbitrary system set by fuel companies that make prices relatively predictable.

In Brisbane, prices were at their peak at an average of 164.3 cents per litre, Mr Khoury said.

“They’re at their absolute highest – in fact, they’re higher than they should be,” he said.

The average price per litre is 138 cents in Adelaide, 146.1 cents in Melbourne and 126.1 cents in Perth.

Prices are rising in each of those cities, but Wednesday looks like it will be the peak for Perth.

On the other hand, prices in Darwin, Hobart and Canberra are stable because those cities don’t have price cycles.

The Easter predictions come as oil prices are on the rise after a lull in global traffic during the pandemic year of 2020 pushed prices down.

“Last year, petrol prices plummeted because demand for global oil pretty much dried up,” Mr Khoury said.

“It led to prices in Australia dropping to almost 20-year lows.”

But the cheap fuel had an unexpected effect on Aussie drivers: It inspired many to buy premium petrol instead of regular, Mr Khoury said.

“For 75 per cent of drivers that’s totally unnecessary,” he said.

“If you don’t need to buy premium, don’t do it.”

He said a car’s fuel gauge would let the driver know what kind of fuel was needed. Most cars that need premium fuel are either muscle cars, European imports or very old vehicles.

An NRMA analysis shows that motorists who unnecessarily buy premium instead of regular fuel pay on average 23 cents per litre more than they need to.

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Adelaide radio host Jeremy Cordeaux sacked by FIVEaa after calling Brittany Higgins ‘silly little girl who got drunk’

Veteran radio broadcaster Jeremy Cordeaux, who called Brittany Higgins a “silly girl who got drunk” and questioned her story, has been sacked.

The award-winning host was branded a “dinosaur” online over the appalling comments on air on FIVEaa over the weekend about the alleged rape at Parliament House in 2019.

“I just ask myself why the prime minister doesn’t call it out for what it is. A silly little girl who got drunk,” Cordeaux said at 6.26am during his weekend breakfast show.

“If this girl has been raped, why hasn’t the guy who raped her been arrested? Apparently everyone knows his name.”

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Mr Cordeaux also said that he couldn’t work out why security guards let the pair into Defence Minister Linda Reynolds office.

“Security, you know, should never have let these two into the minister’s office at two o’clock in the morning. Never,” Cordeaux said.

“The defence minister. Can you imagine security taking someone who was obviously drunk, so drunk I think that the young lady, during the week on television, said she couldn’t get her shoes on.

“My advice to the prime minister – as he was sort of monstered by A Current Affair – my advice would be to stop worrying about offending somebody.”

Former federal MP Kate Ellis said Mr Cordeaux’s characterisation of Ms Higgins was “nasty”.

“This sort of garbage is one of the reasons so few survivors of sexual assault ever speak up and it is the kind of victim blaming that belongs in centuries past,” Ms Ellis said.

“I don’t want to hear these ignorant, incorrect and mean comments anywhere in our community, let alone broadcast on our radio stations. Frankly I don’t see how he can keep his job.”

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On Monday morning, Ms Ellis’ husband David Penbenthy, the weekday breakfast presenter in Adelaide, read out an apology to Ms Higgins.

“Without reservation whatsoever, 5AA and Nova entertainment sincerely apologises to Brittany Higgins for the comments made by Jeremy Cordeux on 5AA weekend breakfast show,’’ he said.

“We acknowledge that the comments were completely inappropriate and offensive. Mr Cordeaux’s employment has been terminated and 5AA and Nova Entertainment have taken action to ensure this can never happen again.”

Earlier this month, Defence Minister Linda Reynolds apologised to Ms Higgins for calling her a “lying cow” and made a confidential damages payout that was donated to charity.

She did not lose her job and the Prime Minister is expected to retain her in cabinet in the reshuffle.

She is expected to move to a new portfolio.

Who is Jeremy Cordeaux?

Cordeaux began his career in radio in 1962, at the age of 16, and held many roles, including 2GB’s breakfast presenter in 1974.

He moved to Adelaide in 1976 and hosted The Court of Public Opinion on 5DN for almost 30 years. He retired from 5DN in 2004 but returned to radio with FIVEaa in 2014.

He moved to weekend breakfast at the start of this year after five years as Adelaide’s leading evenings broadcaster.

Cordeaux also had a career in television and was best known for his role as host of Australian dating show Blind Date in 1970.

He also anchored the Adelaide edition of Seven News, alongside Graeme Goodings, and hosted his own show on Adelaide community station on Channel 44.

Cordeaux became a Member of the Order of Australia in 2006 for service to the broadcasting industry, and was inducted into the Commercial Radio Hall of Fame at the 2015 Australian Commercial Radio Awards.

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Woman hit by police car

A woman has been taken to hospital after she was hit by a police car in Adelaide’s eastern suburbs.

The incident occurred along Magill Road, near the intersection of Nelson Street and Osmond Terrace, at Norwood just after midday on Thursday.

SA Police said the patrol car was travelling east along the main road and tried to turn right onto Osmond Terrace — where the Norwood Police Station is located — when the car hit the pedestrian.

The woman in her 40s was taken by ambulance to Royal Adelaide Hospital where she is being treated for non-life threatening injuries.

Police are investigating the circumstances.

Employees from nearby businesses told NCA NewsWire nobody witnessed the crash but later saw police and paramedics at the scene.

Anyone with information or CCTV footage of the crash is asked to contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.

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antibiotics given to contacts after 29-year-old dies meningococcal

Five people are on high alert after being identified as contacts of a man who died from meningococcal disease.

A 29-year-old Adelaide man died last week after a case of invasive meningococcal disease, which South Australia health officials diagnosed posthumously on Monday.

The strain found in the man has been identified as serotype W.

“Multiple people who had close contact with the man have been identified, and five people have been directed to receive clearance antibiotics,” SA Health said in a statement on Monday.

“Meningococcal health information is being distributed to other contacts in accordance with the Invasive Meningococcal Disease Communicable Diseases Network Australia National Guidelines for Public Health Units.”

It is the first case of invasive meningococcal diseases recorded in South Australia this year.

Five cases were reported in 2020, of which three were serogroup B and two were serogroup Y.

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Man dies in hospital after allegedly being set on fire

A man who suffered serious injuries after he was allegedly doused with flammable liquid and set alight alongside two women has died in hospital in South Australia.

The 31-year-old man died on Friday at the Royal Adelaide Hospital after suffering burns in a horrific incident at a home in Woodville West earlier this week.

He had been in a critical condition since the incident at about 4am on Wednesday morning.

The man and two women allegedly had a flammable liquid poured over them at a property on Calendar Place.

“Two women aged 28 and 27 years, were taken to hospital and treated while a 31-year-old man was taken to the Royal Adelaide Hospital with life threatening injuries,” SA Police said in a statement on Saturday.

“Sadly, he died overnight.”

A 32-year-old man was arrested in relation to the incident in New South Wales on Wednesday and has been taken to a hospital in Sydney where he remains under police guard.

He was initially charged with attempted murder, but police now expect to upgrade the charge to murder.

The 32-year-old will be extradited to SA where he will face court, police said.

It is unknown when the extradition will take place.

The Adelaide Advertiser on Wednesday spoke to an unidentified man who interacted with one of the women in the wake of the incident and observed her hands and face were burnt.

“She came down the street banging on my door,” he said.

“I applied the basic first aid and called triple-0.”

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