Fiona Falkiner tells Dave Hughes she used turkey baster before IVF pregnancy success

She’s currently pregnant with her first child following a “traumatic” IVF battle.

But before Fiona Falkiner and fiancee Hayley Willis sought help from medical professionals in their quest to become parents, the pair tried a bit of DIY insemination involving a turkey baster.

Speaking on 2DayFM’s Hughesy, Ed and Erin on Tuesday, the former Biggest Loser host and her Channel Nine reporter other half described the method as an extremely “awkward” experience.

“We did a couple of turkey bastings at home which was a bit of a waste of time,” the 37-year-old told the radio hosts.

“It’s so embarrassing,” Hayley added.

“Before we went down the unknown donor path, we went down the known donor and then we gave at-home turkey basting a go where he came around and went into our bathroom and put it in a cup and we had a syringe.”

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While this delicate task was occurring, life around them went on as normal, creating a rather bizarre situation.

“My housemate was cooking a stir-fry and he brought his dog along, the dog was in the other room…” Hayley continued, before Fiona chipped in: “It was the most awkward thing I have ever experienced.”

Describing the male friend who had tried to help as an “amazing human” the pair said after two or three attempts they realised it wasn’t working and decided to seek IVF treatment.

Another reason the pair decided to seek a donor from an unknown person was because they found it became a “guessing game” for people which took away from the fact Fiona and Hayley were the parents.

The pair are expecting a baby boy in March and have revealed he, along with Hayley, will take Fiona’s surname.

“Hayley is very kindly taking my last name so our little one is going to have Falkiner as his name,” Fiona said.

It’s not the first time the model and body positive ambassador has opened up about the turkey baster attempts, sharing a photo of herself lying on a bed with her legs against a wall following an insemination attempt.

“Remembering our turkey basting attempts… Hayley would make me stay like this for an hour! #unsuccessful #uncomfortable #fertility” she wrote on the pair’s Instagram account for their podcast What The IVF.

Fiona and Hayley were trying for months to have a baby, with the TV personality previously describing the journey as “traumatic” and “lonely”.

“Obviously you have your partner but it can actually feel like a really lonely process,” Falkiner told The Daily Telegraph.

“It is you and your body against all odds. Women don’t really talk about it until after the fact. It can be really quite traumatic.”

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