Check Astrological Prediction for Aries, Taurus, Gemini and Other Signs

Aries: Looks and appearance will matter to you the most today. You are likely to try new looks.

Taurus: Today is the day for love as you will find answers to the finer aspects of your love life.

Gemini: You will be easily able to divide your time between family and work today. To spend some time with your family, you may plan a small outing.

Cancer: Negative thought and mood will ruin your work today. However, your efforts won’t go to waste as you will get the desired results sooner or later.

Leo: You may find yourself in a situation that will somehow feel like a landmark moment in your life today. Your social reputation is also likely to get a boost today.

Virgo: Idea will keep popping up in your mind today. However, you may get troubled by the see-saw between your contractual obligation and current duties.

Libra: You have been storing things inside you for a long time and today is the day when you may think of speaking it out. You can take a break from your normal routine and bring in some freshness.

Scorpio: You are advised to think before doing something. You will be spending your time with your near and dear ones today.

Sagittarius: Additional work responsibilities will be given to you at work. You are also likely to be given charge of new resources. Accept all the challenges coming your way as you will emerge victorious in all spheres today.

Capricorn: You are advised to not let your feelings rule you as you may take decisions that may stand in the way of success based on your sentiments. There are chances that your down-to-earth nature will win the hearts of many.

Aquarius: Whatever you choose to do today, you will excel in it. You will be recognised and rewarded for the same.

Pisces: Today is an important day for you. Either on the workplace or the domestic front, you can expect to reach a much-awaited milestone. Your professional status and social standing may receive a boost.

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Know What the Stars Have in Store for You

Aries: You will be in a mood of doing something for the environment today hence, plant trees, clean up your neighbourhood, etc.

Taurus: People around you will make you feel suspicious. You are likely to spend some time with your family and loved ones today.

Gemini: A pleasure trip is on the cards which will help you recharge your batteries. You are likely to spend your evening doing meditation.

Cancer: The day will prove to be a bit boring today. It will be just like another simple day at the office and home too.

Leo: Today is the day when you need to take some time out for your loved ones, and show them how much you care for them. On the work front, you will be able to impress everyone with your business brilliance.

Virgo: Pay attention to your inner feeling today. You can also plan a small tour or outing.

Libra: You have been continuously busy with your work schedule and now it is high time when to take a break and give yourself some time to relax.

Scorpio: Your ambitions are likely to make you overboard today. Think before you speak as it can lead to tarnishing your image.

Sagittarius: You can expect good news at work especially related to a higher pay package or an increase in office floor area.

Capricorn: Good news is likely to find your door today. On the work front, you will be enjoying your work and be focused.

Aquarius: You will be overloaded with work today, especially if you are an administrator. However, you will be able to manage everything and may plan to party in the evening.

Pisces: Your business associates will be pleased with your acumen and will also respect the insights you will provide for them to work with. You will be able to spend some quality time with your family.

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Know What the Stars Have in Store for You

Aries: Nostalgia will rule your mind today and you will be doing all the things you loved to do in your childhood.

Taurus: The day is going to be pretty hectic for you. You will be busy with lots of work and a lot of it will be done by the end of the day.

Gemini: Focus on your personal life today and avoid the fear of rejection knocking the mind. Express your feelings to let others know what you feel and want.

Cancer: The day will be in your favour today. You can also plan for conducting a religious ceremony in the house, while there are chances of shifting to a new house.

Leo: More responsibilities will be given to you in the office. Carefully think about the pros and cons before making a decision.

Virgo: Today, you will be acting as the most humanitarian person. You will be engaged in making plans to increase your productivity.

Libra: Your success and growth in business will make others jealous. An attempt can be made by your rivals to dent your creditworthiness.

Scorpio: Your experience and wisdom will help you take appropriate decisions at work. However, you are advised to stay away from legal issues.

Sagittarius: Today, you may make extra efforts to enhance your look and appearance. You will also receive compliments for the same.

Capricorn: Cash inflow is likely today and it will make you feel nice about your finances. The rest of the day will be spent like every other day as all the work will go on as usual.

Aquarius: Buying a new car or property is on the cards today. You are also likely to prioritise your needs and consider available finances so that you can buy your dream car or house.

Pisces: You need to learn to tame your fear and this is what you will be doing today. Your will to take a risk or do something shocking will be at its pick today.

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Know What the Stars Have in Store for You Today

Aries: You are advised to think positive today, no matter how difficult the situation may seem. Beinf confident and determined can helpyou achieve everything you want.

Taurus: Today, you may have to face setbacks and disappointments as theefforts are likely to get wasted and the outcomes will not be according to theexpectations.

Gemini: You are advised to curb down your emotions today. You will be able to easily express your feelings to someone.

Cancer: You will likely be giving time to your private life today in place of career or business. You are suggested to think wisely before taking any decision.

Leo: Today, you will be sharing your feelings with friends and family members. On the work front, you are likely to develop a new perspective on some issues.

Virgo: The day is completely in your favour, as you will excel in all the activities undertaken today. Planning to establish a business enterprise in a foreign countrycan get a go-ahead.

Libra: You will be payingattention to your looks and dressing styles today, spendingtime and money to get a new collection for your wardrobe.

Scorpio: Needs of other people will be your priority today. However, you are likely to get disturbed by negative vibes.

Sagittarius: You can expect business expansionand help from your friends, relatives and other contacts across the world. Communication skills might come handy in getting work done easily.

Capricorn: Achieving success will be easy today. Though you are already burdened with work,new tasks may come your way.

Aquarius: You are in a mood to celebrate and may end up partying for any reason, whatsoever. It is indeed time to be happy as you are inchingcloser to your goals.

Pisces: You need to be cautious while trading, as uncalculated risks can lead to losses. On the contrary, if the risk is planned and calculated, it can give you handsome returns.

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Pisces Have a Hectic Day Ahead; Check Out What Your Sun Sign Says

Aries : You are likely to thank God for all things you have. You will cherish your loved ones even more today and can spend more.

Taurus: You will be feeling passionate and possessive today. By evening your good spirit will touch the skies. You are advised to convert your disadvantage into an advantage.

Gemini: You need to arrange things based on priority. You are likely to have a romantic dinner with your love.

Cancer: You are advised to pay attention to your family today as you have been so busy with work and in making money that you have almost forgotten them.

Leo: The day will start with a hectic morning and will lead you to an even more frantic afternoon. However, by evening you will be spending a fabulous time with your loved ones.

Virgo: You are suggested to encourage and motivate people to achieve bigger things. You can be criticised today but you are advised to keep proceeding towards your target.

Libra: Your friend will be standing at your back today providing you full support and strength. You are advised not to hesitate to start the new joint venture.

Scorpio: You are advised to divert all your energies towards your object of love. You are also likely to find someone special to talk to.

Sagittarius: The day will be full of joy and excitement. You are also likely to get yourself enrolled in a part-time course to enhance your skills.

Capricorn: You will be planning your goals and future actions. You can also expect sudden and unexpected profits but you need to think about how to utilise them in the best way possible.

Aquarius: You will be willing to know everything today. You will prove yourself as a worthy opponent and will also prove the strength of your character.

Pisces: The day starts with a hectic morning and will lead to a positively frantic afternoon. However, you will enjoy the evening with your loved ones and end with a sumptuous dinner.

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Here is How Lord Shiva Will Bless You on Mahashivratri

Aries: You are advised to do things that you like, as it will put you in high spirits. You will not be able to completely focus on work today, but your seniors will be very supportive and understanding.

Taurus: You will be getting love and support in your personal and professional life. By afternoon, you are likely to collect certain overdue payments.

Gemini: You will be able to resolve issues today, no matter how difficult it will be. You are advised to keep patience and not to lose hope as persistence and hard work will be rewarding.

Cancer : Today will be a challenging and complicated day for you. You may lack confidence and feel subdued.

Leo: You will be facing a lot of stress and tension at work today. However, you will manage to come out of everything.

Virgo: You will spend your time settling and resolving issues today and the results will be well worth the efforts you put into it.

Libra : You will be setting up your future goals today so that any steps you take can lead only to success. You can also expect profits and rewards.

Scorpio: You may end up quarrelling with your peers today at work. However, the evening will compensate for the tough day as you will relax in the company of loved ones.

Sagittarius: Today, you may have a hectic afternoon and burdened with more work than you can handle at the workplace.

Capricorn: Today is the time when you need to test the potential of subordinates you have appointed and check if they can deliver their best. You also need to note that if they meet your standards, good returns can be expected by the end of the day.

Aquarius: Today will prove a bit expensive day for you as you may not want to, but have to pay the bills.

Pisces: You will realise that there is no substitute for hard work and by evening, you will make up for all the sweat and tears.

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Know What the Stars Have in Store for You

Aries: You are advised to take a break from your busy work schedule and social obligations today and do something for yourself. You need to focus on your health.

Taurus: You will be able to achieve all your short term goals today and hence, you will move on to plan long term goals for yourself.

Gemini: Today you will be very emotional. Luck will be on your side for the day.

Cancer: You will be spending a lot of money today and will also be celebrating financial gains with your loved ones by spending some more of it in the process.

Leo: You will be having wild mood swings today and you need to note that nothing is permanent other than change. Therefore, you are advised to go with the flow and do not worry about the things going around you.

Virgo: Today, you will act as one of the most understanding peopleand will also be able to read people’s minds.

Libra: You are likely to find yourself entrapped in a passionate love episode soon and it can also lead to an increase in your expenses.

Scorpio: You will be working on your looks today as the thought of how you look will dominate your mind.

Sagittarius: For most of today, you will be feeling dark and gloomy. However, by afternoon, everything may turn out to be normal.

Capricorn: You will be solving certain mysteries brought due to revelations about a relationship. You will be easily able to dissolve the conflicts with the help of your impressive communication skills.

Aquarius: Today, your communication skills will win you brownie points, and will also prove highly beneficial in meetings. You are advised not to get ruffled when people have a different opinion or don’t agree with you.

Pisces: You will find yourself worried today and that too, unnecessarily. You may also put in more efforts than required at work. However, by evening you will get some time to chill and relax.

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Here is What the Stars Have in Store for You

Aries: Today, you will be able to execute all your plans as you will listen to your inner voice. However, the day can even give you a few disappointments.

Taurus: Being a manager, you are likely to outclass your colleagues by a great margin and will taste success and prove your mettle in adverse situations.

Gemini: Those who are public servants will get the encouragement and moral support from their heads and family members.

Cancer: You are likely to be open-minded while dealing with others. However, your approach may turn different and stubborn by the end of the day.

Leo: You will be filled with imaginations and creativity which will lead you to new heights today.

Virgo: Your management skills will be flawless and will be accentuated by your quick decision-making and analytical ability.

Libra: You are likely to get marriage proposals today. The day will be spending as you wanted as things will fall into place as per planetary plans.

Scorpio: You are likely to get help from friends who are in influential positions today and you may also take up a new business venture without much ado.

Sagittarius: You are likely to spend your day with family and friends as you may have a few family friends over for lunch or dinner.

Capricorn: You can see some of your dreams come true today and make you climb the ladder of success, but you need to know that there is a lot more to come, so,keep striving hard. You are advised to concentrate on your work and will certainly achieve your goals.

Aquarius: You are likely to buy a car or your dream house today. You can spend your evening visiting a temple.

Pisces: Luck will be at your side today and will help you in finishing all your work and beat the deadlines. You can also go on a family holiday.

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Here’s What the Stars Have in Store for You Today

Aries: You are likely to join yoga classes and try lots of new things in your life today. Also, money is seen coming your way to make your path smoother.

Taurus: You will find yourself trapped in personal problems today, while in the afternoon, you may not be inclined to deal with unpleasant situations. You are likely to impress people around you with your words.

Gemini: You will be busy shopping for groceries and doing other household chores. However, by noon, you will get bored and can walk up to unknown people and chat with them to kill time.

Cancer: You will realise the importance of time in your profession today. You may have to ask for help from others to complete your task on time.

Leo: You will be extremely busy with work today and even will not get time to eat. However, you can plan for an elaborated dinner by the evening listening to your hunger.

Virgo: You will be experimenting with your looks today. In the evening, you can shine out as a master performer and act as a valuable helping hand.

Libra: Today is the day when you will be completing all your pending projects. Those who are in the medical profession can have a tougher day.

Scorpio: You will be busy finding solutions to your pending problems at work today. You will be helped and guided by your creative outlook and innovation to find a way out of difficult situations. The day will also bring you support from your colleagues or superiors.

Sagittarius: You can be isolated today and left to fend for yourself. You are also likely to be tested by unpleasant situations because of your resourcefulness and enterprising nature.

Capricorn: Today is the day when you will pour your heart out in front of your family members, letting out your fears, concerns, regrets and every other feeling that has been building up inside you over the years. You will feel a bit energetic in the second half of the day and will go that extra mile to interact with your peers.

Aquarius: You will feel highly sensitive today and can even get touchy.

Pisces: You will be achieving the goal you have been slaving over for the past some time. However, you are advised to keep your celebrations muted, as winning a battle does not win the war.

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Here’s How Your Day is Likely to be

Aries: Listening to the demands of your spouse today you will be improving the environment at home. You are advised to stay focused.

Taurus: You need to take instant decisions today and act promptly on them. You will not face any trouble finding the right solutions and seeing things through. People will appreciate your managing skills and can come to you for consultation and advice.

Gemini: People will be demanding lots of things from you and you will find it difficult to meet all of them. You will be praised for your intelligence and creativity.

Cancer: You will be a bit worried due to your health issues today. You are advised to avoid cold or sweet items and take care of your health.

Leo: You will have to pay more attention to your work today as even though you will try to do your best by putting in your maximum efforts, the results might not match your expectations.

Virgo: You will be indulged in some writing or artistic work, which will bring wonderful results.

Libra: You will be giving more importance to your family today and will be concerned for them. You are advised to stay calm and balanced.

Scorpio: You will be full of emotions and will like to spend the entire day in introspection and self-analysis. On the work front, you will try to raise your bar at the professional level.

Sagittarius: You will be working on your professional skills today. Also, you will be ruled by determination and dedication towards work. You will be receiving appreciation for your efforts.

Capricorn: Today will be a busy day for you as you will be engaged with new projects and partnership. You can be praised for your ability to make the right decision at the right time in a meeting and can also bag rewards for your commendable efforts put in the past.

Aquarius: You very well know how to examine the assignments or projects assigned. Your meticulous planning will help you minimise the chances of a loss or a failure.

Pisces: You will be re-establishing contact with long lost friends abroad today. You will also be attending social events.

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