Milind Soman’s honest ‘selfie’ video schools netizens on importance of sleep to ‘deal with stress effectively’ – fitness

[ad_1] Back from the US after an envious vacation with his wife, Bollywood’s supermodel and self claimed “fitness addict” Milind Soman is now unwinding back in Mumbai. Giving the Internet a break from his flood of romantic pictures from New York...
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Statistical model improves analysis of skin conductance | MIT News

[ad_1] Electrodermal activity (EDA) — the sweat-induced fluctuations of skin conductance made famous in TV dramatizations of lie-detector tests — can be a truly strong indicator of subconscious, or “sympathetic,” nervous system...
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Gretchen Rubin’s tips for having more patience and how it improves happiness

[ad_1] New York Times bestselling author and "CBS This Morning" contributor Gretchen Rubin shares her suggestions for having more patience. Rubin says patience is more of a challenge these days given the...
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