Taiwan denies CTi News application to renew license

TAIPEI, Nov. 18 (Xinhua) — Taiwan’s telecom and broadcasting service regulator on Wednesday denied an application from CTi News to renew its license, effectively shutting down the cable news channel.

CTi News’ current broadcast license is valid until Dec. 11, and the license renewal rejection will force the channel to cease operations by that date. TV channels in Taiwan are required to renew their licenses every six years.

The regulatory agency claimed that CTi News had repeatedly violated regulations, received an increasing number of complaints from viewers, and failed to exercise professionalism and impose an effective internal control mechanism.

However, the decision has been viewed by the public and many insiders to be politically motivated, as CTi News has clearly spoken out against “Taiwan independence” and stood on the front line in overseeing Taiwan’s Democratic Progressive Party authority.

CTi News said in a statement on Wednesday that the decision was “a political verdict” and that it will use all legal means to “fight until the end.”

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