Temporary hiring soars as heat wave swells up demand for cooling products

Temporary hiring soars as heat wave swells up demand for cooling products

Temp workforce hiring among summer-facing product marketers, services providers and retailers has increased 20-25% over last year in the country amid the ongoing heat wave, which is pushing demand for cooling products, recruitment and staffing firms said.

“Summer season-related temp hiring for after-sales service technicians has crossed pre-pandemic levels at close to 25%, while in-store workforce demand has increased 15-20% over the previous year,” said Balasubramanian A, vice-president at hiring firm Teamlease Services.

While the onset of peak summer has been late in the North with unseasonal rains in March and April, Central and East India specially have been facing heat wave conditions for well over a month.

Companies making summer-facing products said the demand for temp workforce is set to rise further as the heat spell is forecasted to increase over the second fortnight of May and June.

With the heatwave in North India setting in only in the past few days, demand in the region is expected to pick up now, said Kamal Nandi, business head and executive vice president at consumer durables and appliances maker Godrej Appliances.

“Whenever demand for cooling products increases, it does lead to higher demand for workforce across the value chain – whether it’s manufacturing, retail, installation or after-sales,” Nandi said. “We are prepared to ramp up the temp workforce across the value chain.”

Typically, temporary workforce hiring escalates during the peak summer April-June quarter when demand peaks for appliances such as air-conditioners and refrigerators.Manu Saigal, director, general staffing, at Adecco, a staffing and recruitment firm, told ET that owing to the topical heatwave in India, there is a 20-25% increased demand for skilled labour, including AC technicians, electricians and emergency response personnel to manage new installations and optimal functioning of cooling systems, infrastructure, and public health.

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On-demand home services providers such as Urban Company have been running commercials to push their AC after-sales services across markets, with offers of prompt customer servicing and onboarding more trained service and repair workforce.

An executive at a national consumer durables retailer said, “We have onboarded more executives in the West and South region, to cater specially to after sales services for customers. While some of that demand is for installation, a lot of it is coming from our existing customers.”

Central weather forecasting agency India Meteorological Department (IMD) has forecasted a fresh spell of heat wave over Central and East India earlier this week. The Andhra Pradesh State Disaster Management Authority, too, has cautioned citizens of a “severe heat wave”, and issued guidelines and alerts to deal with any weather-related emergencies.

Based on recent research conducted by CIEL HR Services on the consumer sector, there has been a 110% surge in job demand within this industry over the past six months.

Despite the sluggish economy, consumer purchasing behaviour in India remains optimistic, indicating a positive hiring outlook within the consumer sector.

“The majority of job opportunities lie within sales/BD (business development), marketing, and IT roles, with a noticeable increase in mid-senior level positions in the current job market,” said Aditya Mishra, chief executive of CIEL HR. “There’s an increase of 20% in demand of service technicians, in-shop demonstrators and operations executives in supply chain operations vis-a-vis the previous quarter,” he said.

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