The beautiful little market town that’s almost smack bang on border of England and Wales | Travel News | Travel

The beautiful little market town that’s almost smack bang on border of England and Wales | Travel News | Travel

A beautiful little market town is almost smack bang on the border of Wales and England. Monmouth, east Wales, is just a few miles from the border with England and sits just 30 miles northeast of the city of Cardiff.

A bustling town, it straddles the area where the River Monnow joins the River Wye. Alongside two rivers, Monmouth is surrounded by rolling Welsh countryside filled with natural wonders that draw tourists in.

According to Rightmove, the average house price was around £340,000 in 2023. They added: “Overall, sold prices in Monmouth over the last year were one percent up on the previous year and nine percent up on the 2021 peak of £311,509.”

Located a few miles from the M4, Monmouth can be reached from London in just over three hours by car or by public transport.

While Monmouth may be over 100 miles from the Royal Family’s famous Buckingham Palace centre, the town has its own regal connection.

According to Visit Monmouthshire, Monmouth has connections to both actual and musical royalty including Henry V and Oasis. Henry V, who reigned from 1413 until 1422 was known as Henry of Monmouth.

Fast forward to 1995 and Oasis allegedly recorded ‘(What’s the Story) Morning Glory’ at Rockfield Studios in Monmouth.

Outside of rock and regal royalty, Monmouth has a fascinating natural presence. In 2022, the area was named the UK’s first official bee town.

Monmouth was given this title on World Bee Day to mark the work done by Monmouthshire County Council, Monmouth Town Council and Bees for Development.

Speaking about the award in 2020 Councillor Jane Pratt said: “Monmouth has led the way when it comes to promoting the importance of bees in the eco-system. The town has come together to support pollinator-friendly gardening.”

As part of the programme bee-related events and exhibits sprung up in Monmouth ahead of the annual Bee Festival.

Alongside celebrating and promoting bees, visitors can also enjoy Monmouth’s museums and bevvy of independent shops.

One of the top things to do in Monmouth is to visit the Monnow Bridge and Gate, a fascinating medieval bridge and gate, the only surviving fortified river bridge in Wales.

The site has received rave reviews on travel site TripAdvisor. User downhillcyclist said: “If you’re near Monmouth, this medieval bridge with fortified gatehouse is a must-see.

“Just a few minutes walk from the town centre, along Monnow Street, the Monnow Bridge and Gatehouse over the river Monnow is the only remaining mediaeval fortified river bridge in Great Britain with its gate tower still standing in place.

“The gatehouse was originally built with a portcullis when its primary use was for defence. Since then it has been used as a toll collection point, a jail and a residence.”

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