The countries where British tourists can stay the longest | Travel News | Travel

The countries where British tourists can stay the longest | Travel News | Travel

Since Brexit, British tourists are allowed to stay in the EU for 90 out of every 180 days without a visa. This arrangement covers all the countries within the Schengen Area including top holiday destinations such as Spain and France.

Countries that are in the EU but not in the Schengen Area, including Bulgaria and Romania, also have a 90 out of every 180 day limit.

But outside the EU, there are a few countries where British tourists can escape the UK for longer.

While many countries have 90 day tourist visa arrangements with Britain, a few countries allow Brits to stay for much longer.

From the Bahamas to Georgia, these countries are the ideal destinations for tourists looking for a longer escape.


British tourists don’t need a visa to visit Georgia for up to one year. The beautiful country is packed with diverse attractions. Explore Tbilisi’s attractive Old Town or go hiking in the Caucasus mountains.

Georgia is also situated on the Black Sea coast and the country’s most popular resort, Batumi, is a popular place to unwind.

The Bahamas

While British tourists are usually allowed to enter the Bahamas for 30 days without a visa, this can be extended to up to eight months by applying to the Department of Immigration in Nassau. The beautiful island country is best known for its beaches and national parks.


British tourists can visit Armenia for up to 180 days without a visa. The country has some of the world’s oldest monasteries and churches.

It’s also known for natural beauty. Make sure to try lavash bread, which has been awarded UNESCO status.


British tourists can usually visit Canada for up to six months with an electronic travel authorisation, eTA. There’s so much to see in Canada, tourists might struggle to fit it all in six months.

Top destinations include Niagara Falls, Jasper National Park and city hotspots such as Toronto and Montreal.

New Zealand

British tourists don’t need a visa to travel to New Zealand for a period of less than six months. A nature-lovers dream, New Zealand’s diverse natural landscapes encompass beaches, mountains, volcanoes and canyons.

British tourists should check the latest visa advice on the FCO advice page before booking a holiday.

There can be strict penalties for overstaying a visa limit so tourists should ensure they are following the correct guidelines.

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