The pretty little city in Spain that’s 24C in November full of beautiful beaches | Travel News | Travel

The pretty little city in Spain that’s 24C in November full of beautiful beaches | Travel News | Travel

Spain remains the destination favoured by Britons for their summer holidays. 

But the Mediterranean nation is also an attractive hotspot for those who want to take some time off just before the Christmas season begins.

Some of its seaside towns also offer mild to warm climates even in November, making them perfect for Britons who want to show off a bit of a tan in the middle of winter.

One of the most notable destinations of this kind is San Sebastián de La Gomera. The capital of La Gomera in the Canary Islands considered to have been the departure point of Christopher Columbus’ journey to the New World. 

San Sebastian’s temperatures in November are pretty mild during the day, with the average daily maximum reaching 24C, according to travel company Tui. 

The minimum temperatures in the municipality for this time of the year get to, on average, 18C.

Nevertheless, travellers heading to San Sebastián should be equipped to face some rain and carry jumpers or a light jacket, particularly for the evenings.

Those lucky enough to get to San Sebastián in November, have a 56 percent chance of a perfect sunny day and can surely venture into the water, which has an average temperature of 23C.   

This city, as well as the rest of La Gomera, counts several stunning beaches which allow visitors to swim in the Atlantic Ocean.

There are many quiet beaches dotted across the island, but those staying in the city who don’t want to travel too far can count on the Playa de San Sebastian and Playa de la Cueva, located just a few hundred metres away from the centre. 

This destination is perfect also for people who want to do more than relax on the beach in November.

Tourists who want to remain in the small city throughout their break can take advantage of leisure facilities and carry out nautical activities at the port.

History buffs can also explore the city’s historical links with Columbus, including his residency, which earned San Sebastián the nickname of “Isla Colombina”.

The links between Columbus and the city are pointed out also in San Sebastián’s coat of arms, which reads: “From here, Columbus set out”.

Among other places of interest in the city are the church of La Asunción, the Pozo de la Aguada and the Torre del Conde.

Visitors who want to see La Gomera, the third-smallest island of the Canary Islands archipelago, can explore it through the 600 kilometres of trails and hiking routes available.

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