The safest city to relocate to is ‘wonderful’ and great for ‘food and drinks’ – full list | Travel News | Travel

The safest city to relocate to is ‘wonderful’ and great for ‘food and drinks’ – full list | Travel News | Travel

The Economist Intelligence Unit published the Safe Cities Index, where factors including life expectancy, personal security, health security and crime rates were analysed to reveal the safest city in the world. According to the new data, Scandinavian cities remain the safest options for British expats this year.

Copenhagen, in Denmark, was named the safest city in the world to relocate to, mainly due to its low crime rate.

Copenhagen is not only a very safe city to walk around where people are generally very nice but also a beautiful spot to live.

On Tripadvisor, @peteshaz2015, originally from Manchester, said the Scandinavian city is “lovely”. He explained Copenhagen is a “wonderful city” and great for “eating and drinking” with “so much choice of bars and restaurants”.

Another one, @gottasetheworld, said the Nyhavn, located in the centre of the city, is a “picturesque” spot with “many restaurants along the canal”.

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Torvehallerne, in central Copenhagen, is a popular food market where expats can buy fresh and organic fruit and vegetables as well as delicious pasta and cheese.

It has been described by visitors as a “great and authentic market” with “very high quality food, both ready to eat and fresh ingredients” and a “must-visit in Copenhagen”.

What is the best area for British expats to live in? InterNations recommended Amager, in South Copenhagen, as it offers a lot of new residential areas and flats, like in Ørestad, Bella Center, and Islands Brygge.

In Copenhagen, most people cycle everywhere and enjoy going to cosy cafes to have their traditional Danish cinnamon rolls.


If the city feels a bit too small, or too expensive, expats can head to Malmo, a beautiful town in Sweden across the Oresund Bridge and just 20 minutes away from Copenhagen.

Malmo is perfect for a weekend getaway, but the Danish also love to do their shopping and go out in the Swedish spot as it is much cheaper than Copenhagen.

Toronto, in Canada, came second in the safest city ranking due to its low crime rate and safe public transit system.

Toronto was followed by Singapore, which is also a very secure and clean city with a safe and trustworthy taxi and public transport system. Most people in Singapore speak English, which will help British expats feel at home.

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Sydney, in Australia, is a very popular expat destination and it came fourth as the safest city to move to this year.

People in Sydney are described as very nice and welcoming and British expats feel safe in the vibrant and multicultural city.

Tokyo, in Japan, was also named one of the best places to relocate to with one of the lowest overall crime rates in the world.

Japanese are polite and respectful with others and their possessions, as part of their culture.

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