The Word Of The Day For March 19 Starts With ‘A’

The Word Of The Day For March 19 Starts With ‘A’

Wordle is a popular online word-guessing game where users have to guess a new five-letter word every day and gives them six attempts to guess each day’s word correctly. The game has become quite a sensation online and people actively play the game every day to be able to share their scores on social media, and maintain their streak of guessing the word of the day for several days on end. While the game is easy to understand, at times guessing the five-letter word gets tricky, even after the highlighted tiles that indicate the presence of a letter in every day’s Wordle. This, usually ends people’s long-running streaks and no one wants that. Hence, we bring you Wordle answers every day and tell you the word of the day, so you can proudly share your Wordle results on Twitter and maintain that streak.

Today’s Wordle word of the day is ALLOW, which means to give permission. Yesterday’s Wordle of the day for Wordle 272 was SAUTE. On March 17, Wordle 271’s word of the day was MOVIE, on March 16, Wordle 270 answer was CATER, and on March 15, the Wordle of the day was TEASE for Wordle TEASE. Wordle was earlier this year acquired by The New York Times for an undisclosed seven figure amount.

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Wordle allows users to guess a different five-letter word every day in six attempts. Once a user guesses any word, they can see green, yellow, and black tiles for different alphabets. Yellow means that the letter is there in the word, but at a different place, green means that the letter is right there in that spot, and black means that this alphabet does not belong to the word of the day.

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