These South Indian Dishes Can Help in Weight Loss

These South Indian Dishes Can Help in Weight Loss

India is one of the favourite destinations for foodies. From North to South, every region has its own specialty to offer. There is a plethora of street food options available for all across the country. South Indian dishes are widely consumed across the country. Idli, sambar, rasam, lemon rice, vada and dosa are some of the favourites of most of the people even outside the southern states.

Do you know that South Indian dishes are tasty as well as very healthy? In particular, being a low-calorie protein-rich food, south Indian dishes can be a good addition to your weight loss plan.

Here’s a diet chart of South Indian dishes for weight loss.

Early Morning

Start every morning by drinking a cup of warm water mixed with lemon juice and honey. By consuming it on an empty stomach, you not only get the energy to keep going but also keep the digestive system strong. Apart from this, you can also drink coconut water.


According to many experts, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. For a healthy and tasty breakfast in the morning, there is hardly any better option than South Indian food. For this, you can consider idli and sambar along with peanut and coconut chutney for breakfast.


At lunch, you can consume ragi balls, vegetable curry, buttermilk, sambar, rice and sprout salad. Not only these dishes are rich in nutrients but they can also be easily digested.

Evening snacks

In the evening, many crave for different types of food. To control the urge, you can eat multigrain biscuits or pistachios with green tea or black coffee. Green tea works to detox the body by controlling the metabolism. There are many low calorie south Indian snacks and you can even try ragi pancakes or dosa.


According to experts, the dinner should be light so that it can be easily digested. Apart from roti, you can also consume mixed lentils, spinach dal, curd, vegetable curry, lentils, mixed veg, brown rice, sprout salad, and Kerala fish curry.

Before bedtime

Do not forget to drink a cup of warm turmeric milk every day before sleeping.

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