This ‘energy saving’ air fryer is on sale and costs 14p per day to run – cheaper than oven

This ‘energy saving’ air fryer is on sale and costs 14p per day to run – cheaper than oven

Today, regulator Ofghem announced that energy bills will rise again this year and the price cap will increase to £3,549 a year from October 1, 2022. However, you can start reducing on your daily energy consumption by using more economical ways of cooking and this air fryer can help you save money.

While the cost of living crisis has resulted in a surge in prices, there are simple ways Britons can start saving on energy consumption by making some chances to their daily cooking appliances. reported that a survey from Cornwall Insight showed that households spend approximately 43 minutes cooking each day with 42 percent using the oven as their main cooking appliance.

Switching to an air fryer is an easy and simple way to cut down energy bills as research from Utilita shows it only costs 14p to run per day, totalling to £52.74 a year.

It only uses a small fan to heat up which saves hundreds off your bill and shoppers are praising the Cosori Air Fryer for being one of their best money-saving appliances.

With nine functions in one device, the Cosori Air Fryer has over 7,000 reviews and is one of Amazon’s most popular air fryers due to its efficiency, compact size and quiet functions.

It’s got enough space to cook for four people and is a healthier then using a conventional frying pan to cook as it uses 80 percent less oil.

Using a gas cooker is still more expensive than an air fryer and costs 33p a day to run, totally to £120.83 per year which is more than 50 percent more expensive than an air fryer.

Easy to use with a tempered glass display, one-touch cooking functions and a wide temperature range from 75 to 230 degrees Celsius, it’s a handy tool for any home and on sale for 15 percent off.

It’s reduced from £99.99 to £84.99, saving £15 off its original price.

BUY: Cosori Air Fryer 4.7L (£84.99)

But hurry – it’s only on sale until Friday September 2, 2022 or if units sell out fast.

Reviewers love its performance and that it’s versatile to cook an array of food.

D.E. Belton said: “With soaring energy prices, this air fryer is the answer to the reduction of cooking costs. A main oven takes time to warm up and then maintains heat in a much larger space than may be needed to cook your food. This air fryer heats up in a fraction of the time and uses that heat in a smaller space to ensure your food is cooked to perfection.”

Tony W also agreed: “Things taste a lot better after being cooked in this air fryer. Everything takes less cooking, saves time and energy.”

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