This Year, Try These Unique Tattoo Ideas for Couples

This Year, Try These Unique Tattoo Ideas for Couples

Valentine’s week marks the celebration of love, and couples explore new ways to express their emotions to make their partner feel special. There are a variety of gift ideas you can rely on to make your special one feel ‘extra special.’ Apart from the roses, and chocolates – you can wear your heart on sleeves by getting a permanent tattoo. Couple tattoos are very much in trend, especially during Valentine’s week. And if you are planning to get matching tattoos, we have got some tattoo ideas for you.

Name Tattoos

The name tattoos are very much in trend as couples get each other’s names tattooed on their body, mainly on their hands and back. Though some people get them with big text sizes, the name tattoos look decent when the text size is small. You can also customise it by adding some flowers or hearts at the starting or end of the name.

Important Dates

The date you first met, or the date you kick-started your relationship, or the day you got married – these dates are really important for couples, hence you can get them tattooed. Important dates in roman numbers are quite a trend these days.

Connecting Tattoos

As the phrase goes – ‘two body, one soul’, you can break your tattoo into two parts, and both can get one-one part of the tattoo. The colins with two hearts in between is one subtle way to have matching or connecting tattoos. While the opening colin and one heart can be on your hand, the other heart and the closing colin can be on your partner’s hand. Another example of such tattoos is lock and key. A very minimalistic tattoo that will connect you with your partner, while one can have a tattoo of a lock, the other can get a tattoo of key. A heart can also be divided into two parts, from the middle, and the couple can have a part each tattooed on their hands. You can even pick a popular saying – and get it tattooed half and half.

Matching Tattoos

You both can get the same tattoo at the same location of your body. For example, you can get a tattoo of – ‘soulmate’ on your wrists.

Gender Tattoos

The text – ‘King and Queen’, or King and Queen crowns, or text like – ‘His King’ and ‘Her Queen’ are some of the examples of Gender tattoos. If you and your partner are tattoo lovers and want to go overboard – a tattoo of a lion, for the guy, and a tattoo of a lioness, for the girl, is just a perfect idea.

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