Tips To Prevent Hair Fall This Monsoon

Tips To Prevent Hair Fall This Monsoon

If you get drenched, make sure to shampoo your hair to wash off the rainwater.

Monsoon is a time when many people face the menace of hair fall. The high-on-humidity weather is one of the main reasons for this damage. The chemical structure present in the hair makes it a lot sensitive to airborne hydrogen. In this weather, hair absorbs hydrogen that forms bonds and swells until the smooth cuticle erupts and makes them frizzy. This does not mean that we leave our tresses to the mercy of season change.

There are some simple everyday tips that can help combat hair fall in the rainy season.

  1. Fenugreek oil massage: A gentle hot oil massage is an excellent remedy for dry scalp and damp and frizzy hair. And if you add some fenugreek seeds while heating the coconut oil, it will work wonders on your locks. Keep this mixture overnight and wash it off with a chemical-free shampoo the next morning. Do not oil more than twice a week since the scalp is already oily in this weather.
  2. Wash away the rain: If you get drenched, make sure to shampoo your hair to wash off the rainwater that is loaded with pollutants. Even if you are indoors, wash your hair two to three times a week to keep your sticky and sweaty scalp healthy. Since during the rainy season our hair needs delicate care, use an anti-bacterial shampoo and conditioner since your scalp could be prone to fungal infections.
  3. Dry the right way: Use a microfiber towel to dry your hair as it absorbs the water quickly and causes minimum friction between your hair and the towel that reduces hair fall.
  4. Avoid tying: Do not tie your hair while they are still wet. Doing so will make the hair follicles weak and brittle and will cause more breakage.
  5. Moisturise your hair: In order to tame your frizz, use serums that are touted as multitaskers. Those will shield your hair from heat and also add shine and volume. Depending on your hair type and concern, you can look for hair moisturisers that efficiently keep your locks hydrated.

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