Tourist filmed carving name into Rome’s Colosseum using keys | Travel News | Travel

Tourist filmed carving name into Rome’s Colosseum using keys | Travel News | Travel

A tourist has been filmed using a pair of keys to carve a message into the walls of Rome’s ancient Colosseum.

In footage of the incident which was posted on Reddit, a man carrying a backpack can be seen writing ‘Hayley’ into the walls.

The Colosseum is the largest ancient amphitheatre ever built and is still the largest standing in the world.

It’s over 1900 years old and is one of the seven wonders of the modern world. The tourist was slammed on Reddit.

Users called the man an a*****e and requested the video be sent to the police so they could trace him.

The man could be looking at a huge fine if he is caught by the police. In 2014, a tourist was fined 20,000 (around £15,800 in 2014) for carving on the wall.

The Russian tourist in that incident carved a 25cm ‘K’ into the historic monument and was caught by a security guard.

At the time, the Colosseum’s director said the fine was justified as the man had damaged a “magnificent and symbolic monument”.

The Colosseum isn’t the only Italian monument to come under threat from tourists behaving badly.

Last year, a tourist caused 25,000 euros (£21,000) worth of damage when they allegedly threw an electric scooter down Rome’s Spanish Steps.

The Steps are one of the city’s most famous attractions and tourists aren’t even allowed to sit on them.

Italy also has strict rules banning tourists from bathing in fountains and eating near historic monuments.

On the island of Capri, tourists could be fined up to 500 euros (£430) for bringing disposable plastic.

Tourists should check the rules for their destination before travelling to Italy as punishments can be harsh for perpetrators.

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