Tourist in Philippines attacked by crocodile while taking selfies | Photos

A tourist has barely escaped with his life after he stood right next to a crocodile to take a selfie, thinking the predator was fake.

A man in the Philippines is lucky to be alive after he was attacked by a crocodile he mistook for a plastic figurine that he could take selfies with.

Nehemias Chipada, 68, was visiting the Amaya View amusement park in Cagayan de Oro, a city on the island of Mindanao.

Mr Chipada had been visiting the amusement park to celebrate his birthday but his day took a turn for the worse when he spotted the crocodile.

Believing the 4m crocodile was simply a life-size model, the 68-year-old climbed into its pool and pulled out his phone to take a selfie.

Video taken by horrified onlookers showed the moment Mr Chipada stretched his arm out with his phone, moments before the crocodile lunged at his other arm and dragged him into the water.

The footage showed Mr Chipada screaming for help as the crocodile attempted to drag him under the water and start a death roll – the usual way the reptile kills its prey.

Mr Chipada managed to break away, fleeing the pool with blood dripping from his left arm.

The 68-year-old was taken to the Northern Mindanao Medical Centre with puncture wounds and fractures to his arm and thigh.

Staff at the park desperately worked to stop the bleeding and it was later revealed an 8cm crocodile tooth had become lodged in Mr Chipada’s arm.

Following the horrific incident, Mr Chipada’s family have turned the blame on the park, claiming there were no signs to warn tourists about the deadly animal.

“There were no advisories warning us not to enter the enclosure. Because if there were, we would never have gone there,” Mr Chipada’s daughter Mercy Joy told local media.

Rogelio Pamisa Antiga, the tourist who filmed the insane video, said he could only watch in horror.

“I was looking at the lovely scenery around the park when the incident happened. I heard people screaming for help and saw the crocodile manhandling the old man,” he said.

“I thought it would bite off his arm. I wanted to help him, but I was scared and had no knowledge of how to deal with a crocodile attack.”

The amusement park has hit back at suggestions it was at fault for the attach but did agree to pay for Mr Chipada’s hospital costs.

“We deny the allegation that we have been negligent,” Amaya View CEO Candy Unabia said.

“They said they thought the crocodile was also artificial, but that area is actually restricted. There are signages and constant reminders from our tour guides.”

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