Travel tips and hacks for foreign holidays on budget every month | Travel News | Travel

Travel tips and hacks for foreign holidays on budget every month | Travel News | Travel

Samantha Wragg, 34, has visited Italy twice, Portugal, France, Germany, Barbados, Hungary and Switzerland this year alone by budgeting carefully. She books flights and accommodation around six weeks to two months in advance to get the best prices and, once on the , she dines where the locals eat and has plenty of street food. 

The marketing professional, from Derbyshire, always researches destinations to find free or cheap activities which locals like to do.

“Compare everything and remember that booking direct can sometimes be cheaper,” Samantha said today.

“Another tip for keeping costs down is seeing if there are any free activities. When I visit a city one of my favourite things to do is book a free walking tour.

“It’s a really good way of discovering the city. You don’t have to pay anything but it is expected that you give a tip at the end for how much the tour is worth.

“I have always been really savvy with how I spend my money. I also love visiting new places and have travelled a lot more in the last couple of years.”

Samantha caught the jet-setting bug as a young child when her parents took her to Greece and now religiously plans trips away every month.

“I love getting away and discovering new things and meeting new people,” Samantha continued.

“I enjoy the whole experience of travelling from going to the airport, getting on a plane to arriving in a new country.

“Seeing new places and discovering different cultures and learning about their history has always fascinated me.

“Whenever I travel I always enjoy their cuisine and meet locals. I just love discovering things and having new experiences.”

The woman also advises tourists fly from airports outside of the London group if they can.

She said return flights to most European destinations can be secured for around £50.

Samantha said: “Doing your research is important so you can see what free stuff is available in the area. Museums and other attractions can be free and walk around a city if possible because it saves on public transport and is a great way to discover an area.”

Commenting on Samantha’s prolific travelling, a spokesman for Guide to Iceland travel blog revealed that visiting foreign countries doesn’t have to cost a packet – especially after the pandemic.

“There are deals to be found and I would recommend that people shop around to get the most for their money.”

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