TrimacareTM, the prenatal supplement designed for Indian mothers

New Delhi [India], December 10 (ANI/SRV): TrimacareTM, a prenatal supplement designed according to the specific needs of the mother and baby during each trimester; offers trimester-wise care and ensures all-round development.

The supplement is specially formulated for the needs of Indian pregnant mothers which comprises 20 essential nutrients including Iodine, Zinc, Magnesium, Vitamin B6, Vitamin B12, Vitamin C, Vitamin K, Iron, Folate, Calcium and Omega 3s in a one-pill-a-day solution.

The supplement has been formulated under the guidance of top doctors, nutritionists, and pharmacologists as per the Multi-Micronutrient Model suggested by ICMR and WHO (Pat. Pend.). Through its offering, TrimacareTM strives to provide protection from adverse symptoms and diseases for the mother and supporting proper growth of the baby.

Most prenatal supplements are not designed as per the diet, genetics, climate and lifestyle of Indian pregnant women. Whereas, TrimacareTM focuses on the specific nutritional needs of Indian women.

Dr Mala Srivastava, President, Associations of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists of Delhi 2020-21, Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, explained, “TrimacareTM prenatal pills are specially designed keeping in mind the nutritional requirements of Indian pregnant mothers. Its components are based on ICMR and WHO guidelines.”The unique 3-stage course products – TrimacareTM 1, TrimacareTM 2, and TrimacareTM 3 – support dynamic nutrient requirements in pregnancy and aid in the optimal development of the baby. The formulation also takes care of pregnancy symptoms during different trimesters – the Anti-Emetic blend and Vitamin B6 in TrimacareTM 1 prevents nausea and morning sickness; while the bowel regulator in TrimacareTM 3 prevents constipation.

As the baby develops through different trimesters and develops complex organ systems and cognition, the mother’s body also experiences transformation and needs customized nutrition. Hence, the prenatal supplements that worked in the first trimester might not be enough for the entire course of pregnancy.

The team at Plus Plus Life Sciences also observed the issue of ‘hidden hunger’ amongst many Indian pregnant women. Through their findings they learnt that a typical Indian meal is calorie-dense but nutrition-deficient, which creates a gap in the required nutrition and consumed nutrition. Prenatal vitamins bridge this nutrition gap, however, most of the supplements available in the market provide only 3 out of the 19 nutrients recommended by ICMR for Indian pregnant mothers.

The folate present in TrimacareTM is L-Methyl Folate, which is a 7 times more bioavailable form of folic acid. L-Methyl Folate is absorbable even by people with MTHFR Gene mutation, a widespread gene mutation in India that hampers absorption and utilization of folic acid. This attention to detail and the focus on Indian pregnant mothers make TrimacareTM a trusted and recommended prenatal supplement.

TrimacareTM follows the Multi-Micronutrient (MMN) Model suggested by ICMR and WHO, which is essential not just for a healthy pregnancy but also reduces several complications in babies.

According to Dr Shambhavi Seth, Senior Consultant – Paediatrics, Child Development Clinic, Max Healthcare, “Micronutrients such as minerals and nutrients are required in small amounts, but they are essential for the normal development of the baby.”Designed for Indian pregnant women, trimester-wise care, 20 nutrients in a single pill, formulated and recommended by doctors, good for mother, good for baby – TrimacareTM ensures a safe and sound pregnancy.

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