‘Tropical paradise’ beach in Scotland named one of the world’s best | Travel News | Travel

‘Tropical paradise’ beach in Scotland named one of the world’s best | Travel News | Travel

The World’s 50 Best Beaches ranking scores beaches around the globe based on cleanliness, nature and water.

While a breathtaking beach in Australia took this year’s top spot, staycationing Britons don’t need to miss out.

A “beautiful” beach in Scotland was ranked as the 45th best beach in the world, joining glorious shores in tropical paradises such as the Philippines and Seychelles.

Achmelvich Beach in the Scottish Highlands was celebrated for its “natural beauty” and “excellent swimming”, taking a well-deserved spot on the beach.

The breathtaking beach is so spectacular people often mistake it for the Caribbean when looking at photos.

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A spokesperson for the awarding team said: “Who knew Scotland had beaches resembling a tropical paradise with bright sand and water so clear and turquoise that you’ll mistake it for the Caribbean?

“This is a popular spot for windsurfers, kayakers, and water skiers, but with a great campsite nearby, it is truly for everyone wanting to explore a nearly perfect beach in the Highlands of Scotland.”

Just three miles north-west of Lochinver, Achmelvich beach can be a little hard to reach but tourists who make the journey will find it’s well worth the reward.

Tourists will need to take care on the road to the beach as it’s single track and can be tricky to navigate.

However, the challenging route means that this slice of Scottish paradise is usually quiet for the travellers who make the trip.

A tourist ‘Lou’ wrote on Tripadvisor: “Stunning! Wow, we had the best morning on this beach. We paddle boarded in the crystal clear water, the sand is whiter than white, it’s such a beauty you won’t want to leave.”

Another visitor ‘7Leila’ wrote on Tripadvisor: “There are so many beautiful beaches in Scotland but some of them stood out. This is one of them. The sand is white, the sea is an amazing shade of blue, the rocks are interesting.”

British tourists looking to hit the beach a little further afield could check out this year’s winning beach, Lucky Bay in Australia.

Tourists might even find they’re sharing the beach with kangaroos, who also like to soak up the rays on the “breathtaking” shore.

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