Try Trending Hairstyles of 2021

Try Trending Hairstyles of 2021

Try Trending Hairstyles of 2021 With the pandemic keeping us locked in our homes, hairstyles have become our way to exert our agency and freedom. So let’s take a look at 2021 haircut trends.

For Girls

2021 Hair styles for girls

A short-length messy bob is filled with texture and life. Let your hair go wild and express your freedom.

2. Layered Bob

Fill your bob cut with layers of varying sizes to create movement and add volume to your hair. If you have thick hair, a layered bob will lessen the density of your hair. It is the hairstyle of the season.

3. Bangs for medium hair

Bangs are essential in medium-length 2021 hair trends.Whether you have straight or curly hair, adding bangs to your hairstyle is like adding a cherry on the top of a pastry.

4. Trending undercut

Undercuts are in trend right now and are popular with both boys and girls. You can opt for a side shave or creative patterns and create beautiful hair designs and play asymmetry.

5. Straight Sleek Layered

Anushka Sharma hairstyle was straight, sleek, long hair with layers. Minimal styling is required to achieve this hairstyle. Long layers can be accentuated to suit your face shape.

For Boys

1. Low Skin Fade with Brushed Up Fringe

The hair is kept denser on the top and brushed forward to create fringe. Modern hairstyles for boys have been focused on the fade. A low skin fade gives more texture to your hair.

2. Mid Drop Fade with Quiff

A drop fade is a unique twisted form of the classic taper fade. A mid-drop fade can take your hairstyle to the next level. Add a quiff to create a high volume at the top.

3. Long Slicked Back Undercut

For a long slicked back, you will need long hair at the top, at least 3-5 inches. The hair at the sides and back are tapered short or shaved—Brushback your hair at the top and use hair cream for the sleek finish.

4. Short Sides with Long Textured Top

Ranbir Kapoor’s hairstyle with short sides and long textured top in the movie “Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani” set new hairstyle goals for us. It matched well with the carefree attitude of his character, Bunny.

5. Man Bun

Ranveer Singh’s ponytail with two knots at the back reflected his queer and bold fashion taste. Man bun gives a strong and manly look and is a great way to manage long hair.

When it comes to hair trends, even the skies don’t set the limit. So whether you are flirting with a new hair color, a queer cut, or a unique hairstyle, let your hair reflect your beauty.

Author: Shirley