Two nail colours women over 50 should ditch or risk looking older

Two nail colours women over 50 should ditch or risk looking older

An effective regime is crucial when it comes to looking younger, but many women neglect their hands which can give their age away.

A YouTube channel called Hair Skin beauty shared two nail colours mature women should ditch or risk looking older.

In a video entitled “If you’re over 50, Stop Wearing This Nail Polish Colour – Beauty Tips”, a enthusiast explained that the hands are “often the first place to show signs of getting older”.

Inevitably as we age our hands start to show “spider veins” and “dry skin”, but even so there are simple ways women can “make their hands look younger”.

The video explained: “According to experts, there are shades you should gravitate towards to make sure that your hands stay looking young and fresh.”

But “all hope is not lost if you’re a fan of neutral shades”, the beauty fan continued, as creamy shades can make a great alternative to white.

She advised: “Choose a colour that coordinates with your skin tone, which your manicurist can help you with.”

Her next tip was to avoid colours that make the hands stand out, to avoid drawing attention to age spots or calluses.

Instead, achieve a “finished” look with colours that do not clash with your skin tone.

The beauty fan’s final tip, however, was that women should pick a shade that feels right for them. 

Indeed, nothing screams youth like “confidence”, so it’s crucial that women opt for a colour that brings them joy.

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Author: Shirley