UK cheap staycation: How to avoid ‘spending a fortune’ on an autumn holiday | Travel News | Travel

UK cheap staycation: How to avoid ‘spending a fortune’ on an autumn holiday | Travel News | Travel

Be flexible with your dates

“It’s important not to get too fixated on certain dates. Whilst your self-catering getaway might be to mark a friend’s birthday or an anniversary, the more flexible you are with your availability, the more likely you will be able to grab the best deal.”

Mid-week stays are likely to be far cheaper than weekend breaks as people who work will not be able to travel.

The half-term holiday is also likely to be more expensive for an autumn staycation although travelling during the week could help save money.

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Understand acronyms

“Many self-catering properties don’t need certifications such as ABTA and ATOL to guarantee customers.

“However, there are still ways to check your property meets certain standards to ensure you’re getting the best value for money.

“Trustpilot has plenty of reviews of self-catering properties and has a lot of in-depth information. It is also worth asking what organisations the property is affiliated to. Main accreditation bodies which the booking site may not provide are the National Tourist boards, such as VisitEngland, VisitWales, VisitScotland and VisitIreland.”


Find accommodation within walking distances

“It’s all well and good finding accommodation which is as cheap as chips, but if it is too far away from supermarkets, beaches and city centres, you may find yourself spending a fortune on travel to have a day out.

“Find a place in an area with public transport within proximity, or even in the middle of all the fun.

“The less money you spend on travel, the more you can spend on food and activities.”

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Go with a big group

“When it comes to larger groups, it will almost always be cheaper to book one larger property than two smaller ones and split the cost.

“Generally, larger accommodation will be cheaper on a ‘per head’ basis than smaller ones.

“Larger groups may also find it cheaper for eating in as opposed to eating out. With more people, you can stock up the fridge and leave less waste behind when you go.

“Generally, buying in bulk is a cheaper option, along with group excursions and public transport.”

You don’t have to avoid cities

“Don’t assume that self-catering properties in cities will be more expensive.

“In fact, due to the pandemic, more people are booking self-catering properties in rural areas, such as farms and campsites as opposed to built-up locations.

“Therefore, always consider a city centre, depending on what type of trip you are looking for. Often, you will have everything on your doorstep, which can cut travel costs.”

Oxford, Cambridge, Newcastle and Guildford were among the cities ranked as the best value staycation destinations for autumn.

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