UK’s ‘smuggest town’ cruelly mocked as ‘terribly posh and full of bullied people’ | UK | News

UK’s ‘smuggest town’ cruelly mocked as ‘terribly posh and full of bullied people’ | UK | News

A town has been cruelly mocked as the smuggest in the UK with locals who are “terribly posh” and not very happy.

The satirical review appeared on, which publishes opinion pieces on places across the country.

In a recent post the Hertfordshire town of Harpenden is identified as “the smuggest town in the smuggest county”.

The scathing opinion piece starts: “In one of the ’boutique shops’ on the High Street (between a Costa and a charity shop), they sell mugs that say ‘I’m terribly posh, I’m from Harpenden’.”

The reviewer goes on to describe what they say is “a distinct Harpenden type”, writing they were “probably bullied at school”, worked in a bank or law firm in London and “squeezed out a couple of babies with names like Arthur and Florence”.

They go on to say the same description applies to them too before going on to write that “everyone” works until 10pm so locals don’t go out much.

Reviews website Muddy Stilettos hails the town as one of the best places to live due in part to its village feel, transport links to London and upmarket retailers.

It states: “Harpenden is a great little town, with a very pretty Georgian centre, cricket green, upmarket high street shops, cute independents, great schools and a sense of class (there must be more SUVs per capita here than anywhere else on the planet).

“It almost feels like a big village in the midst of gorgeous rolling Hertfordshire fields, but with useful shops and fast connections to London.”

The area also boasts golf courses, the Eric Moreccambe Centre and an annual Food and Drink Festival.

Harpenden was named by The Telegraph in July as Britain’s most desirable town after it topped a list compiled by Savills.

The estate agents used census data to make a list of the 50 places scoring the most across a number of factors.

Harpenden is described as “wealthy” and with good transport links, but is also “snobby”, according to the research.

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