Vanessa Feltz spends first evening home alone in 390 days after Ben Ofoedu heartbreak | Celebrity News | Showbiz & TV

Vanessa Feltz spends first evening home alone in 390 days after Ben Ofoedu heartbreak | Celebrity News | Showbiz & TV

Vanessa Feltz has confirmed she is spending her first evening at home alone as she makes “progress” following her split from Ben Ofoedu.

Last year, the This Morning star, 61, announced her separation from her ex-fiancé after she learned of his infidelity on Christmas Day 2022. The couple had been together for 16 years.

Since her heartbreaking split, Vanessa has been very candid about how she’s been coping and often takes to social media to share her journey, including fears of being “alone”, and being “single”.

However, on Sunday (January 28) Vanessa confirmed that she was finally comfortable enough to spend an evening on her own as she updated fans on how she would be spending her night indoors.

Taking to Instagram, Vanessa shared her proud moment that “after more than 385 nights out in a row,” she’s “settled enough” to spend a night solo.

She added in the caption: “Phew!!! Thank you all so much for your support and help getting me to this point. Thank you”, before reeling off a list of names including This Morning star Alison Hammond, Claire Sweeney, Denise Van Outen, Myleene Klass and many more.

Speaking to the camera, Vanessa looked glamorous wearing gold eyeshadow and a bright pink jumper, as she remarked: “I’ve said dozens of times that I don’t like being on my own, and I don’t like being single, and I haven’t stayed in a single night since January 2023, not one single night.

“I’ve been out every night because I just haven’t felt nice sitting at home on my own. I haven’t felt relaxed enough to do it.”

She proudly continued: “Well guess what? Tonight’s the night, and I’m gonna enjoy it” she gushed, before listing off everything she had planned, which included cooking dinner, having a “lovely warm bubble bath,” and watching TV.

“It’s taken me a hell of a long time to get here… over 390 nights out in a row or something completely ridiculous.

“Tonight though, is the first exception and that must mean I’m just a lot more chilled, so thank goodness for that.”

The TV star’s celeb pals wasted no time in taking to the comments to share their words of support with Rylan writing: “U did it babe”, (sic) followed by a love heart.

Denise Van Outen stated: “Love you Vanessa”, while Trisha Goddard added: “We all get where we need to be in our own time… Well done you!”

Anna Williamson declared: “Vanessa this is fantastic progress! I knew you’d get to this point. Well done and seriously every credit to you.”

While Lizzie Cundy added: “Well done darling! I’m so proud of you!! .. your company is the best so you will enjoy it.”

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