Vir Das gives a view of his scenic ‘home’ as he chills with his pets. See pics

Vir Das gives a view of his scenic ‘home’ as he chills with his pets. See pics

Actor and comedian Vir Das on Monday shared a series of pictures on Instagram. In one of the photos, Vir was seen chilling with his pet, and in another one he gave a glimpse of a beautiful poolside. For the past few months, Vir has been doing shows all over the country. Also Read: Priyanka Chopra attends Vir Das’ LA show, calls him ‘brave and inspiring’; he thanks her for ‘opening the doors for us’

Sharing the pictures, Vir wrote, “Three months of rigorous touring. Home.” In the photos, Vir is seen with both of his pet dogs. In another photo, he is seen chilling with one of his pet at the poolside. In the last one, he showcased his pool and the beautiful greens around it.

One fan commented, “Your home seems so serene! Where do you reside?” Others said, “OMG. That’s your home?” and “Wow! What a luxurious life. Beautiful home.” On Twitter, one fan said, “Bhai yeh house nahi farmhouse hai (Brother that’s not a house, that’s a farmhouse).” While one wrote, “Where is this beautiful house,” another one said, “Holy mother! amazing.” It’s not known if the pictures are from Vir’s home.

In April, actor Priyanka Chopra attended Vir’s show in Los Angeles. Sharing pictures, she wrote “What a day! With Awesome friends watching an awesome friend do what he does best! @virdas you are so brave and so inspiring to me! Not to mention had me in tears laughing!! Thx for having us! Also love having u in La @pearlthusi come back soon! @cavanaughjames are u finally moving too? Love you too @divya_jyoti.”

Vir replied to her post and wrote, “Thank you for coming! Thank you for opening all the doors for the rest of us. And thank you for always being awesome and cool and funny! I admire you so much.”

In 2021, Vir was in news for his monologue ‘I Come From Two Indias’, performed at the John F Kennedy Center in Washington. He received backlash from a section of the public of allegedly showcasing a bad image of Indians abroad. He was also nominated in the Best Comedy category at the International Emmy Awards in 2021.

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