Walmart deals: Walmart shopper’s top finds ‘cheaper than Amazon’

Walmart deals: Walmart shopper’s top finds ‘cheaper than Amazon’

TikTok user Maddi, who goes by @peachyymaddi shares her brilliant bargain shopping insight on her account. This includes the below deals for your home from Walmart.

Maddi told her fans: “So you want a cute apartment, but you’re broke? Welcome to boujee on a budget.” She highlighted mirrors, jars, and towels for really reasonable prices.

Maddi said: “So today I’m at Walmart. They had a lot of affordable storage items on a budget for the bathroom or for the pantry, or honestly for the laundry room.”

The shopper highlighted some large glass Mason jars that were on sale for $9.97, while smaller jars were $4.42.

“These honestly will be perfect for storing laundry pods,” Maddi told her followers, highlighting some jars with a lid for $8.64.

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Shoppers expressed fury recently amid claims Walmart will start charging $1 for carts this month.¬† One TikTok user made the video, claiming: “Starting February 1st Walmart is going to charge you a dollar to take out their carts. That’s fun.”

The video soon amassed millions of views and sparked concern for customers all over the US. TikTok users voiced their distress in the comments. Angry Isabel said: “Are they serious? They need to start paying us to shop there. Walmart is always my last resort for groceries.”

But is Walmart really charging for carts? The company responded to the claims. It said in a statement: “The clip is from a Walmart Canada store and is a common practice among many Canadian retailers.”

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