New Delhi: It’s simple to share a WhatsApp Status update within the app. Simply launch the app, switch to the Status app, and your small profile image with a small ‘+’ symbol and ‘My Status’ written on it will appear on top of all the alternatives. Simply tap it to either capture an image or video, or choose from the app’s existing gallery and share it.

In a few simple steps, you may also share the same status update on other popular applications. WhatsApp status updates can be shared to Facebook Stories and other apps by both Android and iPhone users.

How to share Status Update to Facebook Stories

-Open WhatsApp.

-Tap Status.

-Make a status update on Android | iPhone

You can either share an existing status update or choose a new status update from there.

Share new status update: Under My Status, tap Share to Facebook Story. If prompted, select Allow or Open to access the Facebook app. In the Facebook app, select the audience you want to share with, then tap Share Now. Please note that the option to Share to Facebook Story will disappear once you go to another tab.

Share old status update: On iPhone, tap My Status, and on Android, tap More by My Status. Then, next to the status item you wish to post, touch More (or), and then tap Share to Facebook. To access the Facebook app, hit Allow or Open if requested. Select the audience you wish to share with in the Facebook app, then press Share Now. WhatsApp will reopen once you’ve shared your status update.

There’s also a mechanism to submit numerous status updates to Facebook Stories, and you can pick and choose which ones you wish to publish. However, if you have one of the following apps loaded on your device, you can use this feature: Facebook for Android, Facebook Lite for Android, and Facebook for iOS are all available.

How to share WhatsApp Status Update apps other than Facebook

-Open WhatsApp.

-Tap Status.

-You have two sharing options after creating the status, depending on whether you want to share a new or old status update.

Share new status update: Tap Share under My Status ( or ). Please keep in mind that if you switch to another tab, the Share option will vanish.

Share old status update: On iPhone, tap My Status, and on Android, tap More by My Status. Then, next to the status update you wish to share, tap More (or), then Share.

Tap the app you wish to share your status update within the share tray that opens.

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