Want to work with OpenAI? CEO Sam Altman explains how you can work with the AI company..

Want to work with OpenAI? CEO Sam Altman explains how you can work with the AI company..

The CEO of OpenAI Sam Altman and his team, during a lively fireside chat with university students in Delhi on Thursday, expressed their enthusiasm in inviting talented young IT professionals from India to join the OpenAI workspace.

According to Business Standard,Altman mentioned that while tech giants like Microsoft and Google often have strict degree requirements for applicants, OpenAI is more flexible in its hiring approach. He stated that OpenAI is open to hiring undergraduates and even individuals who have dropped out of college.

During his talk at the Indraprastha Institute of Information Technology, Delhi, Altman emphasized that some of their most accomplished researchers at OpenAI are either undergraduates or college dropouts. He highlighted that a PhD is not a requirement for making significant contributions and doing exceptional work. Altman assured the audience that OpenAI values talent above all and believes that undergraduates would be a great fit for the organization.

Supporting Altman’s viewpoint, Atty Eleti, a software engineer at OpenAI, shared in the conversation, stating that if the students were to impress OpenAI by utilizing the Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) and creating remarkable products, contributing to open-source projects, they should simply send an email tosam@openai.com, and they would be considered for employment.

As per the report,in response to inquiries about ChatGPT plug-ins, both Altman and Eleti extended an invitation to students, urging them to email for immediate “developer access” to collaborate on these plug-ins.

Regarding the potential establishment of a presence in India, Altman mentioned that OpenAI’s initial approach involves partnering with and providing funding to startups in the country.

He mentioned that the OpenAI team had already engaged with a group of startups and were impressed by the enthusiasm and innovation they demonstrated. Altman expressed excitement about initiating plans to support and fund these startups in India.

Reportedly, during the Digital India Dialogues, Altman expressed his positive experience of the meeting, describing it as enjoyable and highlighting the Prime Minister’s enthusiasm and insightful understanding of AI and its advantages. Altman specifically mentioned discussing India’s early and widespread adoption ofChatGPT, which he found fascinating to observe, and praised the Prime Minister for providing excellent explanations in that regard.




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Updated: 09 Jun 2023, 09:23 AM IST

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