Watch: How To Make Mughlai Paratha – A Popular Dish From The Streets Of Kolkata

Watch: How To Make Mughlai Paratha – A Popular Dish From The Streets Of Kolkata

By now, we all are well aware of the popularity of Kolkata street foods. Every now and then, we come across articles talking about the city’s food culture and its rich diversity, with special mentions of street foods. Chicken roll, phuchka, jhalmuri and more – you will find an extensive variety of delicacies across the city. In fact, if you go on a food trail, you will come across something new being sold at every nook and corner of Kolkata. Some of these food items are experimental, while some depict the rich history of Bengal. Take chicken roll for instance. As per food historians, a roll is an accidental invention for the British people who visited the kebab stores to enjoy paratha and kebab. To make paratha and kebab an on-the-go food for them, the chefs rolled kebabs inside paratha and added served them with some chutney inside (or by the side).

Another amazing creation was Mughlai paratha. A deep-fried rectangular paratha with a stuffing of egg or chicken/mutton keema within, this dish is served with potato curry, chutney, onion and cucumber salad by the side. It is believed that Mughlai paratha finds its roots in the Mughal kitchen (during the reign of Emperor Jahangir) and travelled to Dhaka and then to Kolkata post-independence. Such a fascinating history; isn’t it? Trust us, the dish tastes equally fascinating.

This is why we have found an easy recipe that will help you replicate the popular Kolkata-style Mughlai paratha at home. The recipe has been shared by chef and food vlogger Ananya Banerjee, on her YouTube channel (Ananya Banerjee). Let’s take a look.

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Kolkata Street Food: How To Make Mughlai Paratha At Home:

Make a soft and sticky dough with maida, salt, lukewarm water and oil. Then transfer it to a bowl, add an adequate amount of oil and close the lid. Keep it aside.

Meanwhile, prepare the filling for the paratha. Take mutton keema, garlic, green chillies, ginger, and coriander leaves in a bowl and mix. Add salt and onions and mix again.

Now, take the dough and stretch it on a flat base and make it as thin as possible. Do not use a rolling pin to do the job.

Add the keema mix at the centre and a whisked egg on top of that. Now, tuck in the sides like an envelope and fry. Here, it is shallow fried to get the crispy Mughlai paratha.

Watch the complete recipe of Mughlai paratha below:

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Try this dish at home and do let us know how you liked it.

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