West Australian authorities will ban Crown from allowing junkets at its Perth casino

The West Australian regulator will outlaw Crown Resorts from allowing any casino junkets from operating within its Perth venue following revelations of mass governance failings by the gaming giant.

In a statement lodged to the Australian Stock Exchange on Wednesday, the scandal-plagued casino group confirmed the Gaming and Wagering Commission of Western Australia had placed new conditions on its Perth venue, prohibiting the use of overseas junket operators.

The WA regulator’s decision is the latest hit to Crown, which has been embroiled in controversy following a recent NSW probe into the company that found the board and management turned a blind eye to a slew of money laundering activities occurring at its venues through junket tour partners.

Casino junkets have been linked to organised crime syndicates in Asia, and the tour operators have been used by Crown as a major cash cow in its VIP gaming business to lure high roller gamblers to Australian shores.

Under the directions of West Australian casino laws, Crown Perth will be unable to participate in junket programs or allow certain overseas travellers to gamble where agreements between the casino and the individual have been made.

“Table games activity with patrons who are non-residents of Australia with whom Crown Perth has an arrangement to pay the patron a commission, or provide transport, accommodation, food, drink or entertainment, based on the patron’s turnover or otherwise calculated by reference to such play,” Crown said in a statement.

The Victorian government has announced a royal commission into Crown Melbourne to determine if the state’s largest single venue employer should retain its gaming licence.

Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews on Monday said the commission would be “narrow” and focus on the company’s suitability.

“This is about protecting the state‘s interest and making sure we can have confidence whoever holds that licence is fit to hold that licence and operates to the highest standards,” Mr Andrews said.

“It‘s more than just a gaming floor. It’s an entire precinct that is the biggest single-site employer in the state, but it has to be run to the highest of standards and not just through what’s been found but what’s been admitted.”

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